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Subject Scrump's Newsletter 9/2010 *Those Who Hate Innocence And Beauty*
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Original Message One of the most disturbing and Satanic aspects of the most criminally savage political system on Earth (disguised as a religion) namely, Islam, is this:

Not only does Islam love violence, bloodshed, and persuasion via mutilation...

Islam HATES innocence & beauty.

I just have no words to describe it all...

The Articles

Poison gas used on girls’ schools, Afghan officials say
August 31, 2010
By Rod Nordland

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — Blood tests have confirmed that a series of cases of mass sickness at girls’ schools across the country over the past two years were caused by a powerful poison gas, an Afghan official said Tuesday.

The admission came in an interview, as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health was answering questions about two new episodes in the past week.

The spokesperson, Dr. Kargar Norughli, said his ministry and the World Health Organization had been testing the blood of victims in 10 mass sickenings and had confirmed the presence of toxic but not fatal levels of organophosphates.

Those compounds are widely used in insecticides and herbicides, and they are also the active ingredients of compounds developed in the past as chemical weapons, including sarin and VX gas.

Norughli did not explain why the confirmations had not been announced earlier...

[link to record.ca]

Acid attack on woman shocks Ethiopia

March 28th, 2007 | By Amber Henshaw
BBC News

– Kamilat Mehdi, 21, had a bright future ahead of her. She dreamt about doing a degree and becoming an air hostess.

All that changed one night when she was walking home from work with her two sisters and a stalker threw sulphuric acid in her face.

She is now lying in hospital disfigured beyond recognition.

Her skin is red raw, her eyelids have almost been entirely destroyed and her hairline has been burnt back.

Acid Attack 8

“I feel very sick now. Every day they need to do something without anaesthetic so it is hard to accept and it is very painful,” says Kamilat.

Her sisters, Zeyneba and Zubyeda, escaped with lesser injuries but their faces were also burnt by the acid.

“We were on our way home from our parents’ shop. I was with my sisters,” Kamilat says.

“One guy came and he looked like a drunkard but he wasn’t drunk. He forced us to go down a dark alley and then someone came and threw acid in our faces.”

Kamilat fell to the floor unconscious while her sisters tried to get help. She lay there until her brother Ismael arrived.

Ismael says his sister knew her attacker.

“He bothered her for a long time – at least four years,” he says.

“He gave her a hard time but she didn’t tell the family for fear that something would happen to them. He was always saying he would use a gun on them...”

[link to www.ethiopianreview.com]

Pakistani acid attacks on women: Muslim impotent male misogynist domestic violence criminal shame

Pakistan is a conservative Muslim country, where women - especially in poor, rural areas - can be treated like commodities with little protection provided by the police and under pressure not to disgrace their families.

"Their families will say 'it's the wrong thing to go to the courts, what will society think about you?'" said Sana Masood, the legal coordinator with Pakistan's Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF).

The nation remains without a domestic violence law.
It has been drafted, but lawmakers say it is still under debate because a senator from a hardline Islamic party raised objections and sent the bill back to parliament.....

Acid attacks are rising, with ASF recording 48 cases in 2009 and Masood says countless more probably go unreported because of social stigma. That is up from about 30 cases in 2007, a rise that Masood says could be blamed on increased stress in people's lives as the country's economy deteriorates.

Farhat was just 13 years old when a man threw acid in her face in 2003 because her parents refused to let him marry her.....

Naziran Abid, right, her daughter Haseena Abid, five, and Naila Farhat, a friend and fellow survivor, play games at the Acid Survivors Foundation in Islamabad.
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

An eye for an eye, she said, her rage palpable in her small rooms at a charity's office in Pakistan's capital, her children scrambling over her as she gropes for a sewing box and twists thread round her fingers.

"If someone burns a face with acid, his face should also be burnt with acid. If someone blinds someone's eyes, his eyes should also be blinded," says Bibi.

"Yes, I want it done... my life is over now."

Bibi is locked in a complicated legal tussle over the attack and is fighting for custody of her young children, while learning how to live without sight and struggling with surgeries to rebuild her ruined face.

She is only 23 years old, but with no upper lip, a barely reconstructed nose, scar tissue where her right eye should be and a raw red socket where her left eye once was, her youth is impossible to discern.

Married off against her will as a second wife to her brother-in-law after her husband died, Bibi says she was treated abysmally. Then one night last year, someone poured acid over her as she slept, causing horrendous burns.

Confused, in pain and fearing for the safety of her two daughters, she was coerced by her husband into blaming a man she believes was innocent, and is now trying to retract her initial statement.

Bibi thinks her husband was responsible, but he remains free.

"I was in a terrible condition. I had psychological problems. I was not normal mentally... I simply want punishment for him. I want to throw acid on him. Not only on him, but on everybody who throws acid on others," she said...

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

Here is a video showing some of the reconstructive surgery used for victims of acid attacks.

Acid Face Islam

Women in Islamic countries often get acid thrown at them sometimes for such trivial offenses as refusing a suitor or sexual advance.

In Pakistan there is even a special acid attack rehab center for women.

How amazingly disturbing...

Acid Attack 9

Shahnaz Bibi, 35, poses for a photograph in Lahore, Pakistan, Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008. Ten years ago Shahnaz was burned with acid by a relative due to a familial dispute. She has never undergone plastic surgery.

Violence directed at schools in Afghanistan - 6 Dec 08
AlJazeeraEnglish | December 06, 2008

There are far more children in Afghan schools now than during the time of the Taliban government, but the education system is under threat.

Schools are becoming targets for violent attacks.

In the past year, more than 140 teachers and students have been killed.

Al Jazeera's Shiulie Ghosh reports.

How can such a place even exist as an ‘Acid Survivors Foundation’???
By Eeyore | March 8, 2009

The article below is a case study of a particular young girl who’s father had poured acid on her and fed her acid as a very young girl for, well for being a girl.

As the main chronicler for VTB I am used to reading and posting about a great deal of horror....

However, this article got to me because of one line in it which refers to an ‘Acid Survivors Foundation’ in Bangladesh...

[link to vladtepesblog.com]

Afghan Schoolgirls Sprayed With Acid

AnotherDayInIslam | November 12, 2008

Three Afghan schoolgirls suffered serious burns when attackers sprayed acid in their faces as they walked to school.

Two men riding a motorcycle attacked a group of 15 girls with an acid-filled water pistol in the southern city of Kandahar, leaving six needing hospital treatment, three of them for serious injuries.

A government official said the attackers ripped off the girls' headscarves before the attack and another report said those wearing the full-length burqa to cover themselves had been left untouched...

84 Afghan schoolgirls fall ill from gas attack

Amir Shah/Heidi Vogt
AP May 13 2009

MUHMUD RAQI, Afghanistan – Officials accused extremists of launching a poison gas attack yesterday that caused dozens of schoolgirls to collapse with headaches and nausea as they waited in line for a Qur'an reading at their school in northeastern Afghanistan.

The Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalists have regularly attacked girls schools in Afghanistan and the second apparent poisoning in two days has raised concerns that they have now found a new weapon to scare girls into staying at home rather than going to class.

Afghan schoolgirls poisoned - 12 May 09

Students were gathering in the yard of Aftab Bachi school in Muhmud Raqi for a morning reading of the Qur'an when a strange odour filled the area. First one girl collapsed, then others, said the school's principal, Mossena, who fought for breath as she described the event from her hospital bed.

"I saw several students fall on the ground," said Mossena, who like many Afghans goes by one name....

[link to www.thestar.com]

Another... (more than TEN Girl's Schools have been intentionally poisoned...)

AlJazeeraEnglish | August 25, 2010

At least 70 students and teachers at an all girls school in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, have been sickened by an unknown gas that spread through classrooms.

School authorities evacuated everyone from the building and many of the girls were taken to hospitals.

It is still not clear who is behind the incident, but there is suspicion that the Taliban, who has opposed sending girls to schools, is responsible.

Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Kabul on what has become a part of a pattern of attacks on schoolgirls in the country.

Poison gas hits Afghan schoolgirls

Islamic Barbarism: Disfiguring Women by Acid Attack, Part 1

One would be shocked to know that Dina El-Gowhary, a tender Egyptian girl of 15, has fallen victim to acid attack by Islamic fanatics.

Her offense is: she was born to a father, who deserted Islam and embraced Christianity 35 years ago (Islamic Barbarism in Action: Acid Attack on Muslim Egyptian Girl for Converting to Christianity).

:Acid Attack 2:

Wikipedia describes the phenomenon of acid attacks as thus:

“Acid throwing (acid attack or vitriolage) is a form of violent assault.

Perpetrators of these attacks throw acid at their victims (usually at their faces), burning them, and damaging skin tissue, often exposing and sometimes dissolving the bones.

The consequences of these attacks include blindness and permanent scarring of the face and body.

These attacks are most common in Cambodia, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Nearly 80% of victims of these acid attacks are females and almost 40% are under 18 years of age.”

It adds: “There is a high survival rate amongst victims of acid attacks.

Consequently the victim is faced with physical challenges, which require long term surgical treatment, as well as psychological challenges, which require in-depth intervention from psychologists and counselors at each stage of physical recovery.

Depression and anxiety are common amongst all patients with large burn injuries; however for victims with acid injuries the physical scarring can lead to feelings of shame and embarrassment, resulting in the survivor living a life in hiding due to fear of prejudice and stigma from their peers and the community.

Acid Attack 4

Many survivors continue to have vivid memories of the incident which cause great levels of distress, especially when they know their attackers are free to attack again...

[link to www.faithfreedom.org]

Islamic Justice CAN be Wise...

Posted by JMK at Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On November 26th of this year, a three-judge panel in Iran ruled unanimously that Majid (a man who’d stalked and been jilted by an Iranian woman, Ameneh Bahrami) should be blinded with acid himself, as well as being forced to pay compensation for the injuries to Bahrami's face, hands and body caused by the acid.

Acid Attack 3

The woman, Ameneh Bahrami, had refused to accept "blood money", insisting instead that her attacker suffer a fate similar to her own "so people like him would realize they do not have the right to throw acid in girls' faces," she told the Tehran Provincial Court.

Her attacker, a 27-year-old man identified in court papers as Majid, admitted throwing acid in her face in November 2004, blinding and disfiguring her.

He said he loved her and insisted she loved him as well.

I guess every culture has its strong points...

[link to workingclassconservative.blogspot.com]

Muslim Girls in Afghan acid attack for going to school

Afghan School Girls Poisoned

Schoolgirls attacked with acid in Afghanistan - 12 Nov 08
AlJazeeraEnglish | November 12, 2008

A group of girls determined to receive an education have been scarred for life in southern Afghanistan.

They were walking to school in Kandahar when battery acid was thrown into their faces by two men. Three of the girls are now in hospital with serious burns

Al Jazeera's David Chater reports.

And sometimes... there are 'regrettable' collateral damages...

Acid Attack 7
Mary is happy even if she cannot see her baby.

:Acid Attack 6 ba:
Innocent victim Paul; This Ugandan baby was attacked together with his mother in a mistaken identity acid throwing incident...

[link to www.ugpulse.com]

Women in Islam Self-Immolate... they set themselves ON FIRE.

Afghan women cry for help - 29-May-07

I started putting this Newsletter to together yesterday... with the intention of making it a single Edition... Too Much Info... too many Muslims mutilating and killing Women and Children...

Up Next (by necessity): Part 2


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God Bless You.

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