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Subject Czarist America: Land of Social Serfs
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Original Message Generally people end up devoted to despots. They begin to believe, as abused people do, the constant insults and degradation they suffer. They accept that they just canīt get by without their abuser. They just arenīt strong or smart enough to make it on their own.

Such is the despotism of the American Left. Instead of agrarian serfs, they sow power in the form of social programs, and enslave people with insults to their abilities and racial stereotypes. They tell us we are unable to control our sex drive, we canīt own weapons, that we arenīt responsible enough to care for our kids or save our money.

We must have Democrats in office, or people would starve. They claim if it werenīt for the ghettos they provide in the form of government housing, the poor could find no shelter. What would the minorities do without Democrats there to champion them? The Democrats would tell you that they would suffer and die, rot on the vine. How utterly racist.

Fiscal Conservatives have an inherent belief in the abilities of all people. We know that hardship brings out the parts of the human personality that made us what we are. Humans have an instinct to create, to innovate, to thrive. To us, government control of our prosperity isnīt freedom, it is the chains by which we are enslaved. We believe in charity, and the great good people are capable of when our neighbors are in need.

Liberals during the last century have adopted the message that human beings are safe only as wards of the state. Donīt trust them to save for their retirement. No, they canīt be expected to buy their own insurance. We must build housing and buy food for our minorities, else they will starve. Make sure they can abort all the little dirty babies they make because they canīt stifle their urges.

How insulting. How utterly degrading to humanity. It is in their interest to demoralize the poor and suffering, not raise them up. Without their serfs languishing on their little voting farms, they might see that they could do without their Czar. Without our fear of doing without them, theyīd serve no purpose.

The next time someone tells you that you or your kids are going to suffer because of Republican leadership, ask them why they think so little of you. Demand to know what is wrong with you or your kids that they arenīt responsible enough to care for themselves.

Donīt trust despots who poison you and then stress their importance by providing you with the antidote.
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