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Subject My beautiful dog died of Pug Dog Encephalitis
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Original Message Since I have become a conspiracy nut, my friends are limited. Please try and be sympathetic for my little dog who had to be put to sleep on Saturday.

She was only 1 year old, she was so cute, she was half chihuahua and half pug. She was sweet as heck. She would take out shoes from the closet but she wouldn't chew them, she would just use them as pillows because they had my scent.

She was so gentle.... she was only 7 lbs. and the smallest of the litter of 5. All the other dogs picked on her but she could stand her ground. She was funny, she would back up when you would go to pick her up. She had a smooshed face of a put and the long legs of a chihuahua. She was gentle and funny.

She started having seizures (which were awful to see) about 2 months ago. The vet sent me to the neurologist who wanted $2,500 for an MRI to verify that she had Pug Dog Encephalitis. Instead, I paid $400 for blood work (which was all fine) and got potassium bromide and gave it to her every day. She did fine until 2 weeks ago. She started having tremors, then seizures again. I had researched PDE and knew the symptoms and the fatal results, so when she had 4 in one day, I took her to the vet and was prepared to have her put to sleep. The vet said it might be epilepsy and she may have a nice life that way and the only way to be sure is (you guessed it) the $2,500 MRI. I took the new Rx and filled it for Dilantin.

More seizures, I was up all week and couldn't leave the house because I was afraid she would die alone or hurt herself. On Saturday night she had new jerking symptoms and I couldn't stand it anymore and took her to the emergency animal hospital and had her put to sleep. This was by myself and it was horrible. I knew it was going to happen but had hope anyway.

I miss her, she was a good dog. Please don't say anything mean to me, I'm fragile. Thank you in advance.
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