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Subject Lindsey Lohan Photos INJECTING HEROIN: Why We Should Actually Care
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Original Message It is common belief that celebrity news is a distraction
and for the most part this is true.

Breaking stories and photos of Lohan shooting up have just been released into the news stream, and with Alien ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion (gotta love Blade Runner) and CMEs that may cause ELEs and 'progressive disclosure' and Nibiru ever closer, why should we care?

Because in the midst of all this- the profound paradigm shift as we approach the center galactic rift- we cannot lose sight of what allows us the privilege of ascension or the option to operate in a 4th or 5th dimension...


Here is a person with talent- she actually can act.

She has money- the supposed key to contentment that creates only misery and resentment- and fame- an unreachable carrot at the end of a stick, and a truly unwinnable game.

And like Belushi and dozens of others who have had their dreams and druthers, they throw away it all for a coke and smack speedball... and why?

Because the values of this world are fucked, pardon the word, and they are more than a redundant cautionary tale about how this society will fail...

Lindsey is you.
Lindsey is me.

Either you live on her level and hang with the devil or you have somehow experienced personal evolution and you know that her lifestyle is not the solution for the existential pain that requires a revolution inside each one of us until a resolution.

2012 and Timewave Zero and Terence McKenna, my personal hero, is really about a fork in our road of life, one leading to darkness the other, to light.

So Lohan is the epitome of the current opportunity to actualize our reality and finally be... happy.

She has yet to learn the lesson... this Earth can be our hell, or it can be our heaven...

t patrick murray

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