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Subject Geologist Chris Landau links sunspot cycles, magnetic reversals to Jupiter & Saturn
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Original Message Sunspot cycles and solar magnetic field reversals Linked to Jupiter's & Saturn's tidal pull on the sun
By Chris Landau.

The tides on our sun's atmosphere or photosphere by Jupiter and Saturn affect Earth's atmosphere too.

As Jupiter and Saturn revolve around the sun in 11.85 years for Jupiter and 29.5 years for Saturn, they are either on the same side of the sun reinforcing the tidal effect(equivalent to the Spring tide on Earth-Moon-Sun System) or on opposite sides of the sun, also known as Spring tide.

This occurs every 10.7 years approximately. Because of Jupiter's mass, the Jupiter-Sun center of gravity position falls 7% outside our sun and has a great tidal effect on the sun.

So here we have a simple answer for what causes the pull on our sun and distorts that atmosphere to create solar dark spots that are actually magnetic field storms. These storms occur because the sun is composed of plasma (free electrons, protons and neutrons moving in circular currents, much like our Earth's atmospheric storms move in circular fashion, driven by heat and the Coriolis force.

These magnetic storms ionize our earth's atmosphere and probably provide more condensation nuclei in the form of charged, dust, salt and smoke particles that either increase or decrease our rainfall over the same 11 year cycle.

Sunspot maxima have an 11 year cycle and magnetic solar reversals a 22 year cycle.

[link to www.opednews.com]
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