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Subject Does Obama Think He is The Hindu Monkey God Hanuman, Devoted Servant of Lord Rama???
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Original Message Here's something interesting:

Does Obama think he is the monkey Hindu God Hanuman, Devoted Servant of Lord Rama?

Could Obama be a Hindu?
(note the date on the first excerpt)

"Obama the Hindu?"
June 24th, 2008

But now comes a new claim that Obama is in effect a Hindu. The evidence for this seems to be that he carries about in his pocket “a tiny monkey god”, as well as “a tiny Madonna and child”. This is reported by Time Magazine, with photographic evidence. According to Visi Tilak of the Christian blog Casting Stones (which lists Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren among its contributors), this monkey god is “none other than the Hindu god Hanuman”, and indeed Visi reports that “over the last couple of days every Indian newspaper has carried this story and photograph, with “Hanuman” and “Obama” on practically every headline.” The BBC reports that a group of Indians are planning to present to Obama a “two-foot tall, 15kg gold-polished, brass idol” of Hanuman.

It might be suggested that by carrying both Christian and Hindu lucky charms Obama is trying to be both Hindu and Christian (go here to see a photograph of obama's good luck charms including Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, page 5, [link to www.stevequayle.com]

But polytheistic Hinduism has long accepted that Christian images can be used alongside originally Hindu ones, and I think that carrying lucky charms is accepted. Orthodox Christianity, on the other hand, has always condemned any kind of devotion to idols of non-Christian divinities, and has not approved of lucky charms. So by carrying this Hindu idol in his pocket, as well as a Christian one, Obama is showing himself to be either a good Hindu or a very bad Christian.

more at link...

[link to www.gentlewisdom.org.uk]

Now, also consider the following pieces of information (in light of the fact that Obama is, in the coming week, being depicted as the Hindu deity, Shiva the Destroyer, on the cover of Newsweek, Nov. 22, 2010 issue.

[link to www.facebook.com]

See also Thread: OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!

From a second information source: A favorite of Mr. Obama is the four-armed monkey charm, the Indonesian variation of the Hindu god, Hanuman (Hanuman, the devoted servant of Lord Rama).

Heavily influenced by Indonesian culture, in 1972 contemporary author Arthur C. Clarke published Rendevous with Rama, a futuristic novel which named its alien starship, RAMA, designed to track near-earth objects following an asteroid collision in Italy on September 11, 2077. An earlier fascination with Indonesia and a fictional volcano Krakan and the “child of Krakan” is reflected in another composition, Songs of a Distant Earth.

In August, 2008, The Chicago Tribune reported that Indian politician, Brij Mohan Bhama presented then Senator Obama with a two foot high gold plated statue of the god Hanuman, which had been blessed by a dozen Hindu priests during a special prayer service, for 11 days before being sent to Mr. Obama.

According to Mr. Bhama, [then Senator] Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him.

[link to www.stevequayle.com]

Isn't it interesting and quite coincidental (Not!) that the world's most violent volcano, son of Krakatau on the island of Java in Indonesia, the nation where Obama spent two years of his youth and this particular volcano just erupted just in time for Obama's trip to India and Indonesia.

According to a journalist who accompanied Obama on the campaign trail:

Obama thinks he is the god, Hanuman (that's why he carries the Hanuman talisman with the monkey on it in his pocket).

[link to twelvebooks.wordpress.com]

Furthermore, Obama went to Indonesia because the spirit of Hanuman was being released by the Krakatau volcano and it is meant to indwell in him.

The statue of Obama (as a boy) that is in Jakarta , Indonesia was originally built because Indonesians think Obama will possess the spirit of this god, Hanuman.

Well, here's what we know:

Obama went to India.

The son of Krakatau volcano erupted.

Obama visited the tomb of Hanuman in India.

Obama was detained in India because of the violence and massiveness of the son of Krakatau eruption.

Obama visited Jakarta, Indonesia, his boyhood home, for the first time in more than 40 years, while the son of Krakatau volcano was still erupting.

On Nov. 9, 2010, Obama visited the Shrine of the Monkey God (Hanuman) in Indonesia.

A giant statue of Hanuman was unveiled by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and actor Abhishek Bachchan in anticipation of Obama's arrival on Nov. 4, 2010.

The giant Hanuman statue is 108-foot tall and stands at an 8500 foot elevation at the famous Jakhu temple in the Jakhu Hills high above Jakarta.

[link to twelvebooks.wordpress.com]

Upon Obama's return to the U.S., he is depicted as a Hindu god on the cover of a well known national news magazine (Newsweek magazine, Nov. 22, 2010 issue).

[link to www.facebook.com]


What do you think about all this?
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