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Subject WIKILEAKS is a CASS SUNSTEIN set up...
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Original Message Alex Jones proved that Wikileaks was a psyop. Jones proved that Wikileaks was originally founded and set up by Cass Sunstein in 2006, who in 2009 was appointed as Obama's Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Assange is the puppet who was planted there to run Wikileaks. As Alex Jones has pointed out on Coast to Coast AM the other night, Assange is not the bad guy here....Assange very well might be genuine in his interest to use Wikileaks to get information out to the public and this move by Sunstein and the NWO might backfire...Wikileaks could backfire right in their face. This could be the reason why Assange has been set up for these sexual misconduct charges...he's not obeying his master and he's gotten out of control because he joined Wikileaks because he was genuinely interested in leaking Gov't documents, but now he's gotten too powerful, so they've set him up to try to dispose of him and move forward with the DIGITAL PATRIOT ACT.

But the bottom line is that Wikileaks was a set up by Cass Sunstein and the NWO as an attempt to pass new legislation to control the internet, TV, and Radio...kind of like the "DIGITAL PATRIOT ACT"....most of these leaks up until now were harmless, and now the timing is right for the NWO to make an example of Assange and Wikileaks and try to pass new laws (DIGITAL PATRIOT ACT) to control the internet so that revealing any info on TV, radio, or internet, that might be considered classified or under the government purview, can be deemed illegal, even if you don't work for the government and are merely a journalist reporting the news.

I don't know if Sunstein will succeed with what his original intent was...maybe Assange will outsmart them and will be able to continue to release stuff and the law will never change and the leaks will continue to become more damaging, but the original intent of Wikileaks was to use it to pass the DIGITAL PATRIOT ACT.
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