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Subject My little Munsters...How Lady Gaga Saved me from darkness!
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Original Message So...I happen to work at a typical low end retail wage slave farm....for company x that makes eye glasses for the lving undead among us...they cut our commissions of course and dropped us to minimum wage using the economic crisis as an excuse, although clearly buisness has never been better due to the aging population needing glasses of course... and so I deal with mostly with people who bless their dark souls are probably in dire straights as well...but the sad part is most of them rather than being humble are down right spoiled believing that somehow they should pay less for their eye wear...

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Friedrich Nietzsche

And so it was one day I was watching tv that I saw the waste of life known as lady gaga, in an interview,s peaking about her monster ball tour and how her fans would stretch out their hands to her "like little claws" and she loved them and called them her little munsters...whom she adored

and that's when i was saved...for i realized that the little munsters I serve daily are not just any munsters... by "my little munsters" as gaga put it...and i was saved...i learned finally to have compassion on my customers....

I deal with many psychic vampires daily who drain my energy, my time and ultimately my health, i work for a disgusting company that takes advantage of me at every turn...with little for my efforts and no hope for a future... but laday gaga has saved me, she has showed that ignorance is strength and that true love comes from loving you abusers, they may be monsters but there my little munsters

I am sure the nwo has suceeded because i love my servitude now...You must all see this and accept your fates. for surely soon you will all share this fate if your even lucky enough to have a job :)
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