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Subject Revelation of an elite family insider in Russian forum REVEALED.
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Original Message Finally I have found something new about insider.He was real in 2005.Others were fake.

I found this on Russian forum and got translate with the help of Google Translator..

[link to magov.net]

Revelations of an elite member of the family on the Russian site. continued.

Question: - Brazilian serials of your handiwork in the body? Type, have lost a child, tyscha years in a coma, but it seems that we are familiar ??!!!

Answer: - This is another way to lull the sleeping people. About 700 years ago we had a choice - either to destroy a large part of the human material - or put it into hibernation, followed by the awakening of the elect. As a result, the Inquisition has masked the full census history.

Question: - Who are you - the descendants of the priests?

Answer: - Originally, the priests - those whom the gods have chosen the total number of people to serve them. Priests has been communicated to the will of the gods and the gods of technology transferred. This happened hundreds of thousands of years ago. Later, the descendants of the priests created the Order of the Guardians exist today. Keepers to observe and preserve the heritage of the gods, they themselves are doing nothing either for the benefit or detriment. About 11 thousand years ago the gods have left this planet formed before he left the Order of the Rulers of the worthy guardian.

Question: - And who gave you the power to write what I said GOD?

Answer: - The Power of the gods gave us, gave us some of their knowledge and technology, and we have become the gods for you.

Question: - Do you have provided us?

Pedigree of its lead?

Did you say where you come into this world or the person who sent you and what mission?

Answer: - It is not necessary.

Question: - Who gave you the statement the project?

Answer: - My Project - a plan for the gods, composed many thousands of years until today.

Question: - Do not you admit the thought, what on earth were and are people who have a personal relationship with (as you say) One? And without any intermediaries. Do you personally know the ONE?

Answer: - I know personally, and fulfilling His will.

Q: - to Christ and you are absolutely not expressed its attitude. Why?

Answer: - Christ was incarnated only once - in the heyday of Egypt. The other, termed this title led from start to finish. The Bible does not contain the essence of the teachings of Christ, it was created to implement the government for slavery.

Question: - In addition, Insider is not the person to whom such attacks can damage

Answer: - Because it is. To me nothing can hurt. Your emotions - a measure only your primitiveness. Higher authorities on this planet for me there, me have a superior power, but this is not the power of people.

Question: - Why go feature of the Russian priesthood? What is this mythical creature is a Russian priesthood?

Answer: - This is a fun game.

Question: - In short I was interested in your suggestion about a possible affiliation to the Russian priesthood Insider

Answer: - I myself do not belong to the Russian priesthood.

Question: - Can you bring to optimally informative literary source?

Reply: - www.lah.ru / konsp.htm

Analysts of this site to gather enough facts, I do not have them any relationship.

Question: - Insider, you acknowledge citations given dark fisher-st, his own? I have questions on them to you.

Answer: - I confess. Ask questions, answer is not here but in a more convenient location. Where exactly - will announce later.

Question: - Insider, you learned how to talk in Russian without an accent?

Answer: - Remember, I have already 127 years old, I managed well enough to explore eight modern languages, and none of them is not my native.

Theres More ;)

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