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Subject Plutonium Oxide PuO2 contamination: highly recommend 3M Tekk 6000 series RESPIRATOR to protect your lungs
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Original Message plutonium oxide PuO2 is hydrophilic. it will grab at
the water in the air and surround itself with water
molecules to form PuO2 + xH2O. PuO2 looks to have
a similar profile to depleted uranium dust - just
more lethal.

i would highly recommend that you go out and buy
the following 3M respirator:

3M Tekk Household Multi-Purpose Safety Mask with Respirator
[link to www.lowes.com]

the paint/pesticide model is essentially the same:

3M Tekk Paint Spray/Pesticide Respirator
[link to www.lowes.com]

for $10 extra you can get the "deluxe/pro" version but
essentially the same respirator:

3M Tekk Professional Series Respirator
[link to www.lowes.com]

you can also buy these 3M Tekk respirators at
home depot. if you check inventory status online,
don't trust the numbers.

last friday, i went to lowes and bought enough
3M Tekk Household Multi-Purpose Respirators for
myself and the people i care to save. the online
inventory system at lowes.com indicated only 7
respirators total of the 3 different models were in
stock, but when i went to the lowes store to buy, the
shelves were fully stocked with 6 of each model.

The Household Multi-Purpose respirator is the most
cost efficient to buy and will keep both the
PuO2 + H2O and the uranium oxide dust out of your
lungs. if the shelves at your local store are out of
the Household model, don't panic. the Paint/Pesticide
model and the Pro model are equal substitutes, just
different colorways and detailing.

based on rad readings, the PuO2 is not in the
jet stream. evidence suggests based on us naval
movements away from the east side of japan is that
the radiation cloud is traveling "low and slow"
eastward across the pacific.

the nwo is moving to censor epa rad readings.
fortunately, rad detection is now "crowd sourced"
on the internet. amateurs and academics will show
and report online a sharp rise and plateau in
radiation once the radiation cloud arrives at the
west coast. so be patient and watch facebook and
other online message boards. i'm guessing March 25

once it is confirmed that the west coast is getting
radiated with high levels of gamma, take your
first KI pill and prepare to wear your respirator
if you are going to be outside for long stretches.
rain and snow will precipitate the PuO2 and the UO2
to the ground - so make sure you always wear your
respirator after a good rain or snow. keeping your
windows closed at all times should be enough to
minimize contamination indoors. if rad levels
get terrible and there's a panic, you will need
a set of clothes you always wear outside that you
never wear inside. also avoid wearing a respirator
in front of strangers, if possible - unless you
are prepared to use lethal force to protect your
investment once the wheels turn inside the mind of
a more aggressive/desperate stranger.

ingesting PuO2 and UO2 is not that big of a deal as
you will shit out 99% of the poison. the name of
the game here is minimizing the total amount of
PuO2 and UO2 that you breathe in. once in the lungs,
nearly impossible to get rid of (just ask our
gulf war veterans...).

pray that most of the PuO2 will fall into the
pacific. otherwise, you will need these respirators
as an insurance policy.

remember: the swedish, the hungarians and the ukrainians
survived chernobyl and are doing ok. the plutonium
is a game changer and one must absolutely minimize
uptake into the lungs. don't worry about eating
contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.
everything else is survivable - except the breathing
in of enough PuO2 + H2O particles. you will not
die immediately, but your "combat effectiveness"
will be significantly degraded for the years you have
left in the same way a lot of gulf war veterans were
debilitated and deceased within 5-10 years of military

for $30/person, it's not a guarantee of survival, but it
will give you a fighting chance.

in the meantime, watch for the internet buzz from
various independent sources on an alarming rise in radiation
levels. don't assume that it is just cesium and
iodine. assume that it is UO2 and PuO2.

mubarack obama and the illuminati occupation
government are not going to tell you when the
enviroment is unsafe. don't be one of the saps
who on 9/11 listened to the instructions to stay
in their offices after the first plane struck...
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