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Subject New TNT Show Falling Skies (They are setting us up for disclosure or Project Bluebeam)
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Original Message I heard about this show last summer but didn't know what it was about and forgot about it. Then last night I was on TNT's website and they had it coming out in June of this year. It's an alien invasion series that takes place a few weeks after the initial invasion. This has Dreamworks behind it and Steven Spielberg. We have the reimagined V on ABC and The Event on NBC, but this one is alot different and feels more realistic. It's hard to explain, but it has the feel of The Walking Dead (no zombies in this one). The Aliens are smart and clever and trust me won't be mating with men or women of earth (just see the trailer or web comic on the website).

All these invasion shows that are popping up got me wondering if they are setting us up for disclosure and/or Project Bluebeam scenario. It almost looks like they are trying to get humanity to act or see as one when something not of this planet comes. It's conditioning pure and simple, the media has been used for decades to push ideas or to tell truths that are to hot to handle. I remember a friend telling me that would you recognize the truth if it truly was at your doorstep or anybody would recognize it if they saw it. He said many wouldn't believe it because they truly filter out what goes against what they have seen or heard or believe. As an example the film of bigfoot walking in a clearing back in the late 60's. They said it was fake this and that, but I've done enough research and it has convinced me that we where looking at a female bigfoot. A genuine video that was taken.

To many people including me, their worldview and their sense of well being is tied to their surroundings and them trying to and understanding it enough where they are comfortable. But if you start to shake up that world and add things or tell them things that totally is 180 from their view, they fight against it. They try to disregard it from their reality. I think we have been shown the truth and told it but we don't listen, because its to scary or it makes what we believe to be false.

[link to www.tnt.tv]
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