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Subject Wanna Live In An Underground Missile Silo? Do You Have Skills They Can Use?
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Original Message I found this on Craig's List today..thought somebody on GLP might take them up on their offer...they are looking for serious people who want to become a part of their underground bunker community...here is an excerpt:

"We have found an old reinforced deep nuclear missile silo no longer used by are government from the cold war days designed to survive a direct nuclear missile attack, it is available now and we have negotiated it down to a great price. We have the plans to implement all the needed systems to allow the shelter to be self supporting, Air, Water, food storage, supplies, and private living quarters for each family. The shelter is close to one of the governmentís giant shelters that is currently being built on the tax payers dime in the mid west. It of course is for them and the few they have selected and their families. The Government has known about the possibilities of Dec 21 2012 for a long time and has said nothing to the people. They have been building these shelters around the clock for the last several years. Verified by multiple contractors who have been building them. Some say the reason the government has not told the people and wont is due to the fact they canít save us all and donít want to start a world panic. Well I refuse to sit back and do nothing. The rest of us are to be left to fend for ourselves. So, we want to finalize are families list soon before things we need to do this become harder and harder to get as Dec 21 2012 draws closer."

Full Craig's List Ad :
[link to orlando.craigslist.org]
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