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Subject Plea to Vladimir Putin not to get involved with dividing Almighty God's Land Israel
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Original Message This was sent by registered mail to Putin and Medvedev. This is decision time for these leaders.

2 April 2011,

Vladimir Putin,

This whole Earth is being controlled by an evil group of godless men who are in reality sociopaths who seek to increase their evil by fulfilling their plan to eliminate over five billion people, leaving but 500 million people under their control as slaves, and having the whole Earth to themselves. All these wars and the many famines and diseases they have created are for the purpose of reducing the world population. These large disasters we see happening across this whole Earth are part of their plan to eliminate even more. These evil persons have no feelings over what they are doing and have no allegiance to any one nation, as their main purpose is to accomplish their diabolical plans.

They are looking for their leader to appear soon, the one who is to be the ruler over this whole Earth as the head of a One World Order joined to the apostate one world religion under the authority of the Great Whore - the Vatican and its Pope. Their leader has only 42 months to do all the evil he will be allowed to do.

So Vladimir Putin, it's your choice as to what end you receive. It's time to come away from this Quartet of Mideast mediators and stand with Israel. Almighty G-d our Creator gave all the holy Promised Land to Israel and to no one else. These Palestinian people are intruders into Almighty G-d's Promised Land. They have another god which is found at Mecca in Saudi Arabia, a big black stone god who represents their god Allah.

There can never be another god in Almighty G-d's Promised Land to Israel by Covenant as written in Exodus 23:32 and Deuteronomy 7:2. Nor will there ever be a Palestinian State within the border of Almighty G-d's Promised Land to Israel alone.

So Vladimir Putin, best not get involved and receive Almighty G-d's curse which is upon all those who are involved in trying to divide Almighty G-d's Land. You see what happened to America under Bush, and now Obama, in their trying to appease these Arabic people in order to keep getting their oil by selling Israel out, joining to the U.N. and E.C., all of whom will see the wrath of Almighty G-d fall upon their nations. So do not join them in their time of judgment, which is near at hand.

His Servant Prophet Elijah the Tishbite

Messages of God's Servant Prophet Elijah are on the internet at:
[link to groups.yahoo.com]

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