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Subject Nibiru Revelation Theory
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Original Message Let's say nibiru is on it's way. It passes through our asteroid belt and starts flinging rocks at us. My friend made a statement about the moon and how it's covered in a Ton of impact points. Where did so many craters come from? Perhaps the last time Nibiru was in our solar system?
Now, mix in Revelation. Of course there would be fire and brimstone rainin down causing all sorts of DOOM and fire. The only kind of intervention would have to be from an outside force. So in comes the rapture? I think there may be two raptures, a real one and a false one. The first one, the alien rapture, disclosure will come and they will offer us a way out, but before you board their ship, you've gotta take an ear tag or some other kind of mark so they can "track you and not lose you on this journey into space or whatevr reason". I think those that go with the aliens will not be happy (to put it extremely simple). Then, the real second coming will take place....

This is just a theory. Id like for those who know a little bit about revelation to help me out here. Or if you think I'm on the right track I'd really appreciate some help on becoming full circle on my idea.
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