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Subject in need of a literature inclined person to rate another song i did
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Original Message I wrote two versions of this

How are you guys doing? I'm Exile and I've been browsing this forum for some time but haven't registered at first. I seen a thread from some guy and I'm all for creatures from the underworld, and the title of the song he wrote is cliche so I decided to write my own lyrics for his song as part of my first post. Nice meeting you all

Fear The Reaper (alternative)

Satans front man
Corpse inspector
Dwelling in the underworld
Beneath the infested earth
Leaving no evidence
Searching for fresh homicide

Gazing upon spoiled remains
Swinging the scythe with no remorse
Reaping everything in his path
Eager to stir up the bloodbath

Eternal power with one price
Reaping corpses every night
Feasting on souls sporadically
Condoning death dramatically
Harvesting corpses as they grow
Chopping them up from head to toe

Stripping there clothes, erasing there past
Dumping every single carcass like trash
Try to fight back, he'll slice every limb
Its time to go, get ready to meet grim

Fear The Reaper (original)

Time, a linear excuse
The end creeps up on you
No hesitation
Began at creation

Transcending from dust
The reaper brings you back
Soul ejection, one direction
Cleaving the aftermath

Inducing your suicidal nature
Forecasting for the harvest
His scythe glows so bright
The world is eager to see

Don't hide in the shadows
Fear summons his power
Death is the last resort
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