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Subject TUNGUSKA EXPLOSION, an insight into the great mystery
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Original Message Tunguska Explosion

On June 30, 1908 an explosion took place in a region of central Siberia in the valley of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska. This explosion is usually just called the "Tunguska Explosion." Witnesses saw a massive ball of fire in the sky for a few seconds. Other witnesses were knocked down by the concussion from the explosion as far away as 60 kilometers. Seismic shock waves were detected all over the world. "An unusual night sky brightness persisted for nearly two months after the event due to the presence of a large quantity of cometary dust in the atmosphere." Expeditions to the site of the impact revealed massive devastation.

Trees in an area 30 to 40 kilometers across were knocked down in a pattern that pointed away from the epicenter! Estimates of the size of the explosion suggest it was equivalent to approximately a 12 megaton nuclear explosion.

Who was Nikola Tesla? Perhaps the most eccentric scientist in history. Perhaps one of the most gifted true geniuses in history. Almost certainly, he was a man who difficulty confiding in others. He was in one respect reclusive, and in another respect a man who relished being in the lime light. The most important fact about Nikola Tesla was he created many revolutionary inventions that demonstrated that he had an original insight into the physics of electricity beyond any other person in history.

In the early 1900's Nikola Tesla created many interesting and important scientific inventions related to electricity. He invented such devices as: the electric motor, electric generators, the electric arc lamp, electric regulators, alternating current devices, devices for transmitting alternating current, a thermo magnetic motor, an apparatus for producing ozone, devices for converting alternating current to direct current, electric coils, apparatus for producing electrical currents of high frequency, and even a remote controlled boats.

Of key interest here is his inventions for creating massive electrical currents of high frequency and his two towers. These towers were very interesting. He created one at his laboratory in Colorado

To find out more, do your own research on Nikola Tesla and the TUNGUSKA EXPLOSION
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