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Original Message This is a two part video of the phone calls Mike from patriot space made to the EPA regarding being rained on at work and then having his hands burn like sunburn for ten minutes afterwards as well as experiencing a metalic taste all day. Many reporting this to his site as well from texas and North carolina.

The first part he pretty much gets the run around and passed over to 3 different departments.. toward the end of part one at 12.25 he finally gets put onto Andrew Pitner (sp)that departments supervisor at 14.15 Andrew tells him to see his doctor about the medical issues of the burning,

In part two then part two they go into detail about what happened and Mike comments that although the doctor might be able to deal with the physical symptoms but how will mike know if he has been exposed to radiation.. Andrew says, well I dont know that im going to know what you came into contact with either.

Andrew then goes on to address the rainwater and what was in it and admit that very little is tested in the state by them. It is not common for them to test for a lot of the particles in the rain or ground water contamination.

In fairness, Andrew is as helpful as he can be with his limited knowledge and resources and tries to help mike however he is limited by the information his own department gives him.

This means the government run agency designed to protect you in these matters is not doing their job, which of course you knew already, this is just more evidence that points toward it being a deliberate attempt to poison the northern hemisphere.

Andrew speaks about private labs testing for ground water or private well contamination on someones land.

The public water supply department in the larger zones are doing some testing but they are not testing for cesium, or any of the things coming out of fukushima.. this is not included in standard testing.

Part one is pretty much a round around until 12.25. Part two is the interesting stuff with the supervisor.. make up your own mind about it..

He then tells him who to call to have his own samples tested from Division of environmental health Radiation Protection 919) 571 4141 www.ncradiation.net

Part One: [link to youtu.be]

Part Two: [link to www.youtube.com]
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