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Subject VOTE * The Constitution and The Bill of Rights - or The Patriot Act
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Original Message There are traitors among us, and inside the gates of our government at all levels, local, state, and national.
At all levels, including our local courts, rulings and punishments are being foisted on citzens of this country that are in clear, flagrant, and aggregious violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

How do I know this? I have been targeted.
Without cause,
without charges,
without due process,
without trial before a jury of my peers on absolutely no charges or offense,
without ever having so much as met me.

I have a 46 year driving history containing no tickets, no moving violations, no wrecks. I am a teetotaler non-drinker.

This is what has been done to me.

In December 2010, almost 5 months ago, timelock calibration has been forced on my car that prevents me from driving our car, my property, between the hours of 6 PM to 6 AM Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.
Yes, that's right. I have a perfect driving record and have not even a ticket that would bring me before a judge.

Yes people. That's right. In complete violation of this judge's oath, which is considered an Act of Treason and Act of War against the United States by the Supreme Court.

It prevents me from obtaining medical care when I need it, prevents me from working during the exact hours I need to go into the field, prevents me from living my life as I choose.

I have been restricted from using my own property when and how I choose for 5 months with no end in sight. The jugde refuses to correct the injustice.

I have informed this judge that she has declared war on the United States. I have informed her that, in concert with many of the good people here who investigate political corruption and expose how politicians campaign donators influence their actions, we have an excellent record of exposing the traitors in our midst.
She is now on my list of dirty politicians to take down.
Her husband is a cop who was, in part, trained by Homeland Defense - the same agency that teaches cops that our Founding Fathers were terrorists.

So, I went to the head DA, and explained that this judge was guilty of treason, and guilty of abuse. Both of which of course, are criminal offenses of which the judge has no immunity. HA

So, you guys vote please. Which document do you want as the foundational supreme law of our nation?

And then, please tell me if you know, how do we force these two documents to placed on a ballot for We The People to decide between?
This should be a national voters referendum with only this issue on the ballot.
We don't want those nasty traitors to confuse the issue, now do we?
flag waver
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