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Subject Can you handle the truth: Radioactive Fukushima Plutonium And Strontium Bombarding US West Coast Since March 18th
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Original Message Read on and hopefully you will get off your duffs and call Congressional Rep, Senators, the White House, EPA, local gov't, governors and tell them you are sick of the lies and half-truths! Our gov't needs to pressure Japan to let us in to entomb the plants. Our gov't needs to give up the straight scoop and tell us what areas have been most widely affected and direct to what food supplies (such as milk, water, etc.) are safe and which to avoid and to outline supplements which will help block uptake of the various radioactive isotopes -- as outlined by Emerald Eyes and much validated by the Chernobyl approach.

Is plutonium & Strontium heavier than iodine-131? has it been deposited by rains in the West coast and is the central and east parts of the country safer? Should we avoid all foods from the West Coast? Should we start a mini-evacuation from the western states to safer areas in the mid and eastern part of the U.S.? We can save lives if we only care and take action.

[link to blog.alexanderhiggins.com]

Radioactive Fukushima Plutonium And Strontium Bombarding US West Coast Since March 18th


* RADnet began monitoring for Plutonium from Day 1
* Plutonium was found from Alaska. to San Francisco California. and down into Guam from 03/18/2011
* Strontium was detected in the United States on 03/18/2011
* Isotopes found not released in public reports Plutonium, Strontium and Cesium
* What do the negative values mean in the results column?

Plutonium Results

Update 12:01 EST April, 22nd 2011

Here are the results for Plutonium.

All results were detected by actinides extraction chromatography as part of either the RadNet Radiation Network Alert or the Fukushima deployables.

To fit the data on the web page I have moved some redundant columns .

I removed the half-life column which the EPA results report as 24131 years for Plutonium-239 and for 87.75 years for Plutonium-238.

I have also removed the unit column as all amounts reported are pCi/m3 or picocuries per cubic meter......
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