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Subject Perth mint has no shortage of silver despite being out of stock for 3 months
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Original Message Maybe not on GLP but on other forums i'm sick of listening to idiots who beleive the Perth mint has no Silver so i'll just explain the situation.

The Perth mint is upgrading their machines to expand silver bullion production, this has caused a cut in bullion they can currently produce and as a result there is a short term lack of product. They do however have ALLOT of silver ready to be turned into coins and bars, this will happen at twice the rate come early June/July.
As a result hold off paying stupid premiums for Perth mint product right now, they are sure to go down when the new machines are online unless of course something insane happens to the silver price this month.

The Perth mint are also as we speak shipping Silver blanks to the US mint, in vast unheard of quantities I was told (by a worker at the Perth mint). That got me thinking, they better not be making eagles with the blanks as I was under the impression they were meant to be produced strictly with US silver.

Lastly the Perth mint is crazy busy these days, i'm talking wait lines longer than I have ever seen. They generally have allot of bullion on display but when I went there were no bars at all and only the very expensive coins for sale. They have a new room where you can sit down and sell silver back to the mint (I think it's new anyway), there were 3 very bored looking employees sitting at their booths waiting for someone to talk to, I have to say it gave me a really warm feeling seeing that and I had a quiet chuckle to myself.
I know the place quite well so if you have any questions let me know, just thought i'd share what knowlege I gained recently.
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