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Subject Does it really take 4000 years to build a cell phone?
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Original Message We have reached the peak of our civilization, again.

The reason I say again is because new technology is old technology.

We can only improve on old technologies. There have been great discoveries and innovations in science and medicine, like electricity, the transistor, micro-chips, vaccines, and atomic energy; but we have reached our limits.

We can design things and make them smaller, or bigger, but these are just based on old technologies.

Technologies based on electricity. Digital technologies like I pods and cell phones that we would have probably had back in the 1950s if someone had invented them.

Everything is theoretical, and we have not discovered or created a greater power source than nuclear energy.

Maybe thatís a good thing since we would have probably destroyed the planet a long time ago if we had something more powerful than atomic energy.

Itís 2011, and we are still using fossil fuels to power our internal combustion engines. We will never travel outside our solar system using rocket fuel.

We are done.

Inventions will continue to pop up, but nothing new, and theories in quantum physics are a dime a dozen.

Then we have the gold standard, governments, food shortages, over-population, pollution, natural disasters, new diseases, and wars on top of wars.

Something has to give, and something will happen, and soon.

Side note: The elements that make up this planet, minus the crap that we have put in orbit around us, is the same physical elements that have been around since the creation of this planet.

Anyone wonder why it took so long to re-discover electricity? Or discover the chemical properties of plastic? Or figure out that we can refine oil and use it to power a car?

All modern technologies could have existed thousands of years ago, since they are all based on the same physical elements. Remember, with the exception of the space program, nothing has ever left this planet. Itís the same physical matter that has always been here.

Itís been only in the last 200 years that we have been able to truly mold the chemical and physical properties of matter into our current technologies. Funny, I guess we must have been content just herding goats around for the last 4000 years. Or maybe civilization needs to start over again from square one, like it has in the past.

Does it really take 4000 years to build a cell phone?
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