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Subject Fear Mongering VS Awareness and Preparedness..... whats your take on the difference?
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Original Message I just thought I would pose this question due to a little interaction I just had with another aussie, who seems to have taken a liking to me (hear the sarcasm there LOL)..

Alot of people on GLP seem to be using what seems to be the new catch phrase of "fear mongering".. well I would like to ask glpers:

What is fear mongering?..

Im going to repost something that was posted in one of my threads a while back which i think sums it up nicely, for me anyway.. (its only an opinion but its mine lol)

You say you live in the now.. and my spiritual self agrees with living in the now absolutely, but tomorrow I have to eat.. tomorrow I have to have water, food, shelter to ensure that tomorrow at 11am I can be LIVING in the now..

Do you not balance your accounts? Pay your bills? Buy groceries for next week?..

Living in the now is a completely misunderstood concept. It is supposed to reflect that in this moment you appreciate what you have and you give thanks for it and you enjoy it. It does not mean ignoring your needs for tomorrow.

I do not suggest that anyone should embrace fear.. fear is no good to you..

but action, knowledge and a determination to ensure the continuation of our species surely is an important trait to have as a human being ??
 Quoting: Enchanted Wanderer

Fear is a primal instinct that alerts us when danger is present. Without it, humanity would never have made it this far.

There is a big difference between living in fear, vs. living in awareness.

When we live in awareness, we can gather data & use that info to be pro-active in order to organize our lives in a way that best suits our survival & happiness.

Danger exists currently for our survival & is therefore appropriate for us to gather data, plan & prepare, how we will deal or cope with this threat. This is living in awareness, no fear.
 Quoting: ohhappydays

So whats the difference to you guys..

Is a tornado warning fear mongering?

Is a warning about anything fear mongering?

And if its not, then why do so many people use this new catch phrase when information is given to them that might help ensure their survival??
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