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Subject Etched in Stone...
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Original Message You know as a GuLP regular I have been coming to this site for some years now. I have seen some of the worst in human life and I have seen some of the best.

Today I was wondering what life on this dismal planet would be like for the generations to come. I guess we will have to revert back to ancient technology to find a plausible answer.

Eons ago our forefathers had better foresight. They seemed to take future generations concerns to heart. They left their legacy for us “Etched in Stone” as it were.

Who writes on stone anyway, Fred Flintstone? No the ancients did, our forefathers, We were given an opportunity to discover what lay en store for us and the best we can do is argue about the language. Our legacy and our lives may hang on the fact that no one can agree on the translations. “Etched in Stone” will be a great epithet for our headstones, but poor comfort for our children in the future.

We should collectively send them a message, a time capsule as it were. Now what would a bunch of GuLPers have to leave for a generation that doesn't exist yet??

Well as luck would have it, I have a few concerns...Feel free to add your own.:

Etched In Stone:

1.Never eat at Denny's.
2.Never bring your dead baby shopping.
3.Never ride the Bart trains in Cali.
4.Never eat seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.
5.Never grow plants and vegetable that you can't pick yourself (immigrant labor).
6.Never “kill” anything you won't eat.
7.Never build a nuclear power plant.
8.Never park your tractor near a sink hole
9.Don't look at the sky, if it is going to fall there is nothing you can do about it.
10.If your wife is insane get the garbage disposal out of the house and get rid of all the knives.

Well I condensed mine as much as I could. After all that is a lot of chiseling.

Keep in mind we may not have pencil and paper in the near future so keep your list short. Oh and by the way it seems to be that ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics is the most agreed on of the ancient languages. Study up...

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