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Subject 9/11/11.......Elenin, 1036 Ganymed, 1996 FG3 , YU55 WTF!!!
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Original Message I find this interesting. Any more info? WHat will happen when these comets/Asteroids pass through ELeNin Tail? Perhaps someone would like to use JPL to check other days, I check Nov 9 only.

Quote from:

[link to alamongordo.com]

2011 NOV 09
Closest approach of 2005 YU55 (0,0023 AU) : This Astroid will pass between Earth and the Moon (Distance Earth-Moon = 0.00257 AU). This Astroid could hit the moon, normally it will pass the moon at (0,00027 AU) ! This is a very important time period, the 2005 YU55 comet passes earth at just 2.137.988 miles or 3.427.194 kilometers, but even more important, this comet will “pass” our moon at just 25.098 miles or 40.232 kilometers, thats the distance of just one time around the earth ! If ELENIN has a powerfull field it could push 2005 YU55 out of it’s “normal route” and closer to the moon. If the moon is hit by this 400 meter diameter rock, disaster will also hit earth with tidalwaves and more !
[link to imageshack.us]

2011 NOV 09
Astroid 1036 Ganymed in the Area

[link to imageshack.us]

2011 NOV 09
Also in the Neighborhoud : 1996 FG3 Astroid !

[link to imageshack.us]

2011 NOV 11
Perfect Alignment Elenin, Earth, Mercury and Venus. During this alignment the Earth will also pass the route of Elenin so when Elenin has a tail with Debris, all the rocks will hit Earth and it could be raining Fire as the Bible tells us !!! By the way, this stuff is all going to happen when the date is 11-11-11 isn’t that cool !!!

[link to imageshack.us]

Also any1 remember FEMA doing their test on 9-11 ( Nov 9 ) seems like an announcement.......

Do you guys remember back in the 80's with the Red tv screen and a long beepppppppppppppppppppp then the announcer says "This is a test, this is only a test of the emergency broadcast system, this is only a test....... If the can do it back then why book/advise/ commandeer all tv and radio stations for a test?????

[link to www.fema.gov]

ALSO: How strange:

Release Date: June 9, 2011
Release Number: HQ-11-099

Now, what about the 3days of darkness?

2011 SEP 26-27&28
The TRANSIT of ELENIN – Elenin will pass between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days, this could be the “Three days of Darkness” in the Bible !

[link to www.tldm.org]

Elenin has to be pretty big to eclipse the sun.


So this makes 6

Honda, Levy, Elenin, 1036 Ganymed, 1996 FG3 , YU55

A fiery dragon will cross the sky Six times before the earth shall die. Mankind will tremble and frightened be For the six heralds in this prophecy.

{Appearance of a series of six comets and a probable collision with earth as indicated in the Bible and by Nostradamus.
In the last 20 years alone we have seen at least four spectacular comets or “fiery dragons”: Halley’s, Kahoutek (a bit of a dud), Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp. But it appears here that she is referring to a SINGLE OBJECT that grazes the atmosphere before a collision, like the near asteroid miss we had last week, looping around us six times over seven days before a collision with Earth.}

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]



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