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Original Message "When groups of people are exposed to a similar experience, their recollections of the experience, as well as their feeling and values related to the event, tend to reshape over time in order to conform to those of their peers."

This so gets to the core of why bringing up 9/11 etc... with people gets you the "deer in the headlights" behavior, their memories have conformed to their peer group, the television set!

"earlier this week, the Journal of Science published a study providing the strongest neurological evidence yet in support of the existence of memory conformity.

In the study, Micah Edelson and colleagues showed a documentary to a group of volunteer test subjects. Later, the subjects were asked questions about the documentary while their brain activity was monitored by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

After recording their initial answers, researchers then shared incorrect answers with the test subjects, telling them that these answers had been provided by the other participants in the study. After being exposed to the incorrect answers presumably provided by their peers, a curious shift occurred in the memory centers of about 70 percent of the test subjects."

Here we see that 70% of the subjects show this result, I am actually surprised that that percentage is not even higher from my life experience. Lot's of people holding back their real thoughts and perceptions in public out there I would suppose.

Linkage :-)

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

[link to www.rawstory.com]
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