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Subject Elenin and Bankers (a link posted by anonymous on another thread) Check it Out!!!
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Original Message "Comet Elenin and the Bankers" posted by anonymous

"This site is dedicated to the lamb. May you shed your wool, learn the truth in your heart and become the lion you were always meant to be.

Comet Elenin and Bankers

It is unlikely this site will be allowed to remain up due to the contraversial nature of the information contained herein. Time is short. Please mirror, copy, criticize, plagiarize, enhance, and discuss as much of it as possible or needed. Elenin is the key that unlocks all the mysteries. The information presented will seem mindboggling crazy. Most of you will not accept it. Others who have studied may see things they never did before. One thing is for sure, there is nothing like it anywhere else on the internet.

The world should never forget who it was that hid Elenin from mankind for their own personal greed and profit, the enemies of the world since recorded history, banking criminal elites. If they would have just contained their greed slightly, this website would likely have not appeared. But they did not, and now there is a great desire by mere mortal men to expose their revolting evil corrupted souls of uncontrollable greed.

All other information now is irrelevant. Staged world events are now meaningless. The only event that will matter in 2011 is Elenin’s eclipse of the sun. Everything else is worthless.

• Elenin is just a comet.

• Elenin is not a brown dwarf star or is hiding one.

• Elenin is not planet Nibiru and there are no UFOs coming with Elenin.

• The truth about Elenin has been hidden from man for centuries within secret society and occult circles by banking elite criminals.

• Elenin is the physical representation of the ancient trinity - Father, Mother, Child – the ultimate power of the generative principle.

• Elenin did not cause earthquakes during Earch/Sun/Elenin alignments – banking elite criminals did.

• Elenin’s tail will sweep the earth in September/October reducing the solar winds and causing the earth’s mantle to violently shake

• Elenin’s saturated dust tail will create global low pressure systems where rain clouds will cause massive floods in October

• Elenin will cause great destruction as has happened before long ago whose details have been hidden from mortals and kept secret from the ignorant modern man

• Elenin’s destruction will usher in the new Age of Aquarius – “The Water Bearer”
Banking elite criminals have been planning this event for millennium - the catalyst that pushes the world into their “New World Order” of plunder, thievery and control"

link here: [link to eleninandbankers.webs.com]
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