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Subject Real question about Elenin
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Original Message I feel compelled to ask because I am curious about Elenin.

Let's say that NASA is right and the mass of Elenin is actually very small. And let's say it is a ball of ice. Elenins obit takes it inside of Mercury's orbit. The temp on Mercury is around 600 degrees F. So here are my questions:

1.) How does Elenin survive these temps intact? Wouldn't it also become super-heated and simply dissipate?

2.) If Elenin has such a low mass, as NASA claims, what makes it return to the inner solar system at all? Why doesn't it just shoot out into deep space forever?

I mean, clearly it goes way, way out into space so how far out does the suns gravitational pull effect stuff? Why aren't our Voyager units returning towards the sun? surely they are traveling slower than Elenin and gravity would act the same on them as on other objets right?

3.) One last question. If it is the Suns gravity pulling Elenin into the inner solar system than why doesn't it just pull it right into it's core? Isn't this where the "heart" of its gravitational force originates?

If these are stupid question please remember: "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions"
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