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Subject The 11.11.11. Gathering: Sedona
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Original Message Vision for The 11.11.11. Gathering

It started with a spark... and everything set in motion! Light. Life. Consciousness. Dimension upon dimension of infinite possibility. All over the universe seeds were planted and cultures sprung up. Some developed "Faster" than others. Many believe that there are energies at play, beings of one sort or another that have taken shape time and again to create and transform. We ask the questions that our heart tells us to ask... and we listen (When we remember to) and then... the answers come. Does it really matter what name we call the source of these answers? Does it really matter what "Language" they were sent in? The same questions are asked by everyone the world over, in every language that has ever been spoken.

Who are we? Why are we here? How did we get here? What is "Out there"? Who is out there? What is this all about? Why? How do we...?

There are many answers coming to us now, in our age of enlightenment. So many, in fact that we needed to visualize and create super computers, technology, to analyze the answers for us and explain it to us like in very rudimentary terms of numbers and symbols. Yet, we are not the first to have received "The Answers".

Here on Earth, Humanity is made up of many tribes. Each with its own unique beautiful culture, each possessing in their being one part of the puzzle. All expressing one example of what it is like to be a living potential of Great Spirit. Each individual member of all the tribes have one part of that original spark of life inside of them. Some call it a soul, others spirit, divinity, connection, Chi, Flow, the flame... Just as many names, again, as there have been language. The spark is glowing, and growing, becoming brighter with each passing lesson, becoming stronger with each "Magical" or "Miraculous" moment spent with contact with enlightened beings that somehow fill our spirits, uplift our souls, embrace us with feelings of Love, Happiness and Joy. We are free when we feel this way. This is how the Great Spirit knows we are listening to the answers, because when we apply them into our lives... good things happen. A life can change. A community can be sustained. An entire world transformed.

The Vision for The 11.11.11 Gathering is this... we ALL invite everyone we know to beautiful Sacred Earth of Sedona, AZ, for a week of connection, communication, communion and celebration. In our shared vision for this gathering WE see workshops and classes, arts and performance. Live music is always playing somewhere and DJ's set up under the ascending moon and star lined back drop of the Sedona night sky. We see drum circles Large and small around fires keeping the community warm while they dance and sing and take care of one another. We are free to live and express ourselves and connect with other enlightened beings. We are free from judgment, fully accepting, honoring and respecting everyone. We are able to create this Gathering because we have a choice on how we wish to live. Then, when the gatherers head back to the home from which they came, they will take the new wisdom and knowledge, experience and inspiration back home with them, sharing it with all there friends and loved ones. Like seeds of light we will plant them in our communities all over the world. We will have the confidence and security of know that there are thousands, millions of others around the world all working together to create the new earth.

Come join us in Sedona, AZ. on the 11th of November, 2011.

[link to www.the111111gathering.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to the111111gathering.ning.com]

let's make miracles happen:)

Thank You

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