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Subject Elenin Probe Responding to post 911 Distress
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Original Message On August 19th a solar CME stream of charged particles unveiled what Elenin was - a advanced probe responding to the Earth's post 9112001 distress call. It was revealed that Elenin was no comet, it was a ship or probe with a huge tetrahedral energy shield.

Consider this, according to Richard Hoagland, Elenin is the first hyperbolic comet in the history of comets, and its perigee is on 911 is to big of a coincidence to ignore.

It made several course corrections inbound, but the perigee on 911 always stayed the same. This prompted the Russians and Chinese to say it was intelligently controlled.

So extrapolating a little further, a new meme that surfaced that Elenin is reading our consciousness and its perigee of 911 is meant to be a message that something (Nibiru planetary system?) is responding to our 911 cry for help. Elenin may be an unmanned advanced probe, the Blue Kachina followed by the Purifier.

Have you noticed that the Hopi prophecy is starting to become clear? Prophecy becomes clear just as it unfolds, that is how it works.

Just as ambulances respond to 911 calls, Elenin is responding to the 9112001 police state initiation event. Not only was 911 an inside job by Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest of the criminal cabal of Zionazi neoCONS, it was the seminal event used to usher the world into a police state of endless butchery and imperial statist domination. Millions of innocents have been butchered and genocided since 911, whole nations destroyed by pure evil.

Elenin showing up on the 10 year anniversary of this event is extremely significant and since it is responding to acts of pure evil that would mean that Elenin is the opposite, a thing of good. We should think about Elenin as a rescue ship sent to clean out the corrupt political structure, the Amerikka NWO fascist Zionist criminal state.

Pray to Elenin, she's heralds the destruction of the Rothschild/Zionist/NWO/modern authoritarian police state.

We are free beings, no one has any authority over us and never did.
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