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Subject LOUD tone in ear and full body vibrations are a pain lately!
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Original Message In the past, I noticed times when it felt like I temporarily went deaf in one ear for about a minute while there was a soft, high-pitched tone in ear. Immediately after that, I was fine. This has happened countless times over the past couple of years and I shrug it off every time.

What's odd is that in the past couple weeks, when the "deaf time" happens, the tone is pretty loud and I feel actual pressure in my ear, enough to make me have to sit down. I notice that the tone happens after intense Solar Flares. The only reason I notice is because I'm now following the solar activity and actually look to see if a flare shot off after experiencing my ear tone. Previous to recently, I wouldn't have associated the two incidents as I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as a solar flare.

The other thing that is my entire body has been vibrating constantly for well over a week. It never stops and it's beyond annoying to say the least. Imagine a constant adrenaline rush that never ends.

I had a vision about a week ago that was so vivid and completely out of the norm for me as I didn't have a clue why or what it could mean. Now I know the vision was meant in the absolute most literal way possible. Perfect map of USA, formed out of a non-intentional smoke ring, clearly pinpointing my attention to Central TX. Prior to this vision, I never even knew TX had an issue with wildfires.

Thread: Completely creepy image/vision just appeared that sorta freaked me out

I'm just wondering if the tones, heavy body vibrations, and vision could be due to increased sensitivity to solar activity or could the sensitivity be due to self-hypnosis induced trance which I've done a few times in the past couple weeks. While in trance, I didn't see visions or astral project. Just waited for something to appear or be able to "sense" a vision but I didn't get anything. Since then, my body won't stop vibrating and the tones are a nuisance.

Any thoughts are welcome.
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