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Subject How to Recognize a Homosexual While we know that the vast majority of sodomites are mincing nancyboys who lisp and try to walk like women, there
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Original Message How to Recognize a Homosexual
While we know that the vast majority of sodomites are mincing nancyboys who lisp and try to walk like women, there are some who attempt to disguise themselves as real men in order to hide their homosexual agenda recruitment from the eyes of normal people.
Because of this, it's useful for True Christians™ to have a guide to help them tell who is an unrepentant sodomite that needs to be kept far away from our children.
There are two categories for these signs, obvious and not so obvious. Remember, any one of these can mean that you are looking at a raging queer who will stop at nothing to destroy America and the traditional family.

Wears women clothing
Enjoys the WNBA
Wears pink
Goes to live theater
Watches "chick flicks"
Doesn't care for John Wayne movies
Votes Democrat
The only picture of a woman he has is of Rachel Maddow, Liza Minnelli, or Cher
Works at a beauty parlor
Works as a stewardess
Works as an interior decorator
Works as a nurse

Not so obvious
Enjoys gardening but isn't a Mexican't or Oriental
Goes to proper sporting events but just stares at the players instead of cheering
Goes to "hair salons" instead of barber shops
Over 25 and not yet married
Does anything with flowers, including being submissive enough to give them to his "wife"
Goes to a gym (that isn't The Taut Christian)
Votes Republican, but only for "moderates"
Watches MSNBC
Complains about Fox News
Listens to "pop" music
Is a public school teacher
Claims to be an "atheist"
Claims to be a "buddhist"
Claims to be a "catholic"
Let's face it, if he's not a True Christian™, he probably relishes any chance he has to spit in the face of Jesus
Cooks in the kitchen instead of on a BBQ
Only plays touch football
Is against hunting
Hates guns
Paints his walls any color except white
Can tell the difference between "white" and "off-white"
Is anti-American
Doesn't want to be American
Protests against wars
Anti-capital punishment (no surprise, because once God's Law is back in effect in this country...)
Wears any jewelry other than a manly watch
Yes, that includes a "wedding ring", something only today's feminized men insist on wearing
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