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Subject WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? Let Us Raise Our Voices...
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Original Message (IF ONLY IN THIS THREAD) Okay ladies, anyone who has any inkling about the various religions of the world for the most part have very little if any females in their holy texts or in the pulpits. Why is this? Was this age the age of MAN were we supposed to be downtrodden by the testosterone laden being? Or is it just how history has been written. Do not get me wrong there are a few but take for example the Bible (New and Old Test.) How many of the books allowed inside the covers were written by a female? How many females are spoken of in depth and in a good light? How many GENEOLOGIES are Recorded descending from Woman?? That last one especially causes me to raise an eyebrow, I mean what exactly are they needing to hide? I know there are some religions that have Goddesses (living here in the US has made those relatively little known except as a mythology type teaching) SO I want to know is it just that we are not allowed a voice? I feel many women are very Spiritual creatures so what beliefs or religion do you feel (if you have an opinion or one of your own) you closely adhere too and has this changed over your lifetime? Have you felt the NEED to search things out weigh them and see what speaks to you what touches your heart? Also are there any Prophecies about a Female (feminine being(goddess)that is to come to earth? Is a new age about to dawn what changes do you want to see happen. Lastly do you want Peace or War in this world? VOICE your thought please.
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