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Subject the illuminati WAS NOT made an offer they couldn't refuse
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Original Message this thread has surely got to be utter BS
check OP's final few posts

this thread has splintered into so many different directions, I can't keep up with it all.

If anything happens i will update. As for today, looks quiet. Looks like the guy won't be getting his independence today though. He is still monitored and watched.

ok 28 pages and I'm lost. sum up in 1 post what you want to ask me ok?

last 2 replies were me, i forgot to change ip's, sorry.

what is wrong? So I made another thread with a different IP. If I used the same IP then that other thread gets derailed, right?

My personal beliefs have nothing to do with the topic at hand. My personal belief is God is sending someone, and you know what? I just might have seen him somewhere.

OP tell us about this nobody, my question is a request for a longer and more detailed description and explanation.
Quoting: jelly sangwich

He is a nobody, that is it. No one knows he exists except those who need to know. He does not even pay taxes.

He is a white male, under 6 feet tall and under 180 pounds.
Brown hair/eyes and a few prominent features like scars.

That is basically it.

and then after all the commotion about this "nobody" this is his final post

They are going to kill him. They are going to make it look like a suicide.

That's the way the ball bounces.

lol this is just obvious BS ?
the OP was not expecting this post to become so active and get so much attention and when it did and all the questions started to come that he could not answer he decides to just kill the thread with this, thats just the way the ball bounces? seems to me he just couldnt be arsd keeping track of the thread and making things up anymore to back his story.
also he states on one of his posts that if the illuminati want you dead you will be within 24 hours, do you really think the illuminati would not know if an insider was exposing things like this, he would of been dead with a blink of an eye within an hour of posting this thread if he was "just a bird on a branch"
i give him credit though i kind of believed it untill he just killed it like this lol

here is his thread if you havent already seen
Thread: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse. (Page 86)
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