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Subject GIRD uP as GRID Collapses
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Original Message Seems many around the world are losing power...and more joining the ranks of black outs and rolling black outs.

In many areas it is quite old and not enough redundancy built into the aged systems.

I have been having more intermittent problems with connectivity-and it is not just me-

Having asked around, I am finding many others are finding it lethargic and dropping the connection often.

I am also having more issues with the telephone-neighbors are also stating they are getting dropped often, several times throughout the day.

Considering the wealth of knowledge one can access via the net, and the collective consciousness bursting forth, there are those who are deeply worried and would prefer to have everyone be a true zombie-loving serfdom...

This is a shout out to those who do listen

Best gird uP

-this keeps coming to me, StRonGlY


Lots of volatile changes on the earth right now, and they will intensify. I expect things will rapidly shift between now and my birthday-towards the end of October.

Even after that, all is not yet 'all clear' but to about Nov 3 it will be tenuous for many-

If others are having connectivity issues, I would really appreciate some feedback from other areas-I am in the northeastern area-with inclement weather.

I have noticed changes in my animals and even many around me as far as general health, and many having general malaise. My animals are showing me early canary in the mine effects...they are low to the ground and often many are feeling nauseous...a few are not eating much...or seem particularly stressed out or timid-not like their normal selves.

I have a good friend who just resigned from one job and went to another with top wages...now his wife is sitting by his hospital bed as he has meningitis...still working on getting all the info-seems more and more they limit info-afraid to induce a panic...so tightlipped they may cause far worst.

Personally I enjoy the power outages-but that is with the power coming back up sooner or later...and it seems this power down, or grid collapse, could be much more formidable than many are anticipating.

Stay safe


Take care hf
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