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Subject Phase III (final) -The 3rd Shaking - Cygnus, Sirius, Arcturus, Chiron, Eleni, Aquila , Demeter, Capella (Kyrene), Monoceros
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Original Message (phases I and II:)

Thread: 15/9/11 - mega collaboration (the 3rd shaking) between cygnus, sirius (niburu), eleni, chiron, sun and moon

Thread: Phase II -The 3rd Shaking - Cygnus (thunderbird), Sirius (dog star/blue/red kachina/niburu), Arcturus (celestial shepherd) - New chakra system

very interesting times ahead, phase III will be full of surprises in all realms and forms

the transition from phase II to phase III will last 6 weeks ending in Decemeber 2011. phase III (final phase) of the 3rd shaking will be complete in June 2012

aquila and demeter are about to join cygnus, arcturus, sirius, chiron, eleni, sun and moon in this cyclical dance of epic proportions!

aquila amongst other things is bringing us vision, perception and understanding of the reconciled darkness and demeter the fertility of conscious spiritual awareness and realisation of our multi-dimensional and divine nature

modern interpretations associate aquilla with the eagle but in ancient times it was the owl!

it is very interesting and not surprising to note that there are countless hieroglyphs for the owl in ancient egypt yet there is no ancient egyptian word for owl and it's not associated with any gods/stars/constellations. hmmmm did someone delete/sabotage the history? fkn oath!!! the owl was aquila, it was associated with cygnus/sirius/arcturus as they are all the highest celestial frequencies that reach earth from celestial bodies!

much is written about demeter, she is the unidentified winged object that has been seen in auckland and other parts of the world. patiently hovering, waiting to join forces. the wealth of "corn" refers to the wealth of "heaven"

[link to www.san.beck.org]

Diodorus also recounts the myth which stands behind the symbolic birth of the divine child.

Plutus, we are told, was born in Cretan Tripolus to Demeter and Iasion, and there is a double account of his origin. For some men say that the earth, when it was sowed once by Iasion and given proper cultivation, brought forth such an abundance of fruits that those who saw this bestowed a special name upon the abundance of fruits when they appear and called it plutus (wealth); consequently it has become traditional among later generations to say that men who have acquired more than they actually need have Plutus. But there are some who recount the myth that a son was born to Demeter and Iasion whom they named Plutus, and that he was the first to introduce diligence into the life of man and the acquisition and safeguarding of property, all men up to that time having been neglectful of amassing and guarding diligently any store of property.
(V, 77)

Diodorus recounts elaborations of these myths, giving insights into the mysteries.

But Zeus desired that the other of his two sons might also attain to honor, and so he instructed him in the initiatory rite of the mysteries, which had existed on the island since ancient times but was at that time, so to speak, put in his hands; it is not lawful, however, or any but the initiated to hear about the mysteries. And Iasion is reputed to have been the first to initiate strangers into them and by this means to bring the initiatory rite to high esteem.... And Demeter, becoming enamored of Iasion, presented him with the fruit of the corn.... To Iasion and Demeter, according to the story the myths relate, was born Plutus or Wealth, but the reference is, as a matter of fact, to the wealth of the corn, which was presented to Iasion because of Demeter's association with him at the time of the wedding of Harmonia. Now the details of the initiatory rite are guarded among the matters not to be divulged and are communicated to the initiates alone; but the fame has traveled wide of how these gods appear to mankind and bring unexpected aid to those initiates of theirs who call upon them in the midst of perils. The claim is also made that men who have taken part in the mysteries become both more pious and more just and better in every respect than they were before. And this is the reason, we are told, why the most famous both of the ancient heroes and of the demi-gods were eagerly desirous of taking part in the initiatory rite; and in fact Jason and the Dioscuri, and Heracles and Orpheus as well, after their initiation attained success in all the campaigns they undertook, because these gods appeared to them.
(Diodorus Siculus V, 48, 49)

"at Knossos in Crete it has been the custom from ancient times that these initiatory rites should be handed down to all openly, and what is handed down among other people as not to be divulged, this the Cretans conceal from no one who may wish to inform himself upon such matters. Indeed, the majority of the gods, the Cretans say, had their beginning in Crete and set out from there to visit many regions of the inhabited world, conferring benefactions upon the races of men and distributing among each of them the advantage which resulted from the discoveries they had made. Demeter, for example, crossed over into Attica and then removed from there to Sicily and afterwards to Egypt; and in these lands her choicest gift was that of the corn and instructions in the sowing of it, whereupon she received great honors at the hands of these whom she had benefited."

Demeter's daughter, her whom none may name,
By secret schemings Pluton, men say, stole,
And then he dropped into earth's depths, whose light
Is darkness. Longing for the vanished girl
Her mother searched and visited all lands
In turn. And Sicily's land by Aetna's crags
Was filled with streams of fire which no man could
Approach, and groaned throughout its length; in grief
Over the maiden now the folk, beloved
Of Zeus, was perishing without the corn.
Hence honor they these goddesses e'en now. (Diodorus)
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