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Subject Not Only Is Obama Our First Black President. But He Is Also Our First Wussy Little Wimp Bitch President As Well
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Original Message Did you ever see that limp wristed throw he has when attempting to throw out a first pitch at a ballgame???

I mean really. The man is just a slimy pussy that can read a telepromter. And you stupid people voted him in.

He is so frail and wimpy that they make him were women's shoulder pads under his suit to fill it out.

Also tons of gay rumors at this point, which aren't even rumors as their are just too many of them. He had a thing for gay choir boys and then had them killed so they couldn't tell gay tales about him.

The man is a total freaking disgrace and this is who we have representing the country!!! Going around bowing down and sucking off every world leader he can find.

Amazing, our founding fathers are rolling over in their grave that this POS is now our president.

I wouldn't be surprised or blame any other country that would attack american based on him being our number one representative. He screams weakness.

The fact they can put that monstrousity in front of me and tell me that little boy who is inferior to me and every way shape and form is going to dictate the rules for my country and me is just about the straw that broke the camel's back.

Its time to get a real man in the white house and not some wussy gay little boy who has absolutely NO executive experience.

If i hear anybody coming at me supporting obama Im going to swing first and ask questions later. For me, any supporter of obama is now an enemy combatent of the United States.
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