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Subject "the freemind manoeuvre" - a plan to disrupt the 2012 elections & destroy the phony 2 party system in the usa
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Original Message my fellow ron paul revolutionaries,

it is abundantly clear that there is no way in hell
the nwo/illuminati are going to allow ron paul to
be the republican presidential candidate for 2012,
despite the fact that ron paul overwhelming leads
in all honest polling. herman (buttfcuking) cain,
newt (tiffany) gingrich, mitt (corporations are
people) romney, rick (gaylord) perry, michelle
(deep throat) bachmann, and the rest of the sad
cast of republican candidates were all put forth
to distract the sheeple away from the correct
answer to the multiple choice question:


therefore, i introduce "the freemind manoeuvre".

if the nwo/illuminati are going to deny us ron paul,
then i propose we destroy the corrupt two party
system in the usa. now you can't destroy the
two party system with a third party. been there,
done that, fail. in order to destroy the two party
system, we need to employ an extremely counter
intuitive strategy that the nwo will not be able
to grasp and counter measure until it is too late.

the big obstacle where we fail as awake citizens is
that the majority of voters are asleep to the truth
that we actually live under a one party system
in the usa. that is to say, there is not a dime's
worth of difference between the republicans and
the democrats.

in order to destroy this totalitarian system, we
need to take the scales off our fellow american
sheeples' eyes.

therefore, i call upon all awake conservatives who
normally vote republican to vote straight
democrat in the november 2012 elections: from
obama at the top to the local dogcatcher at the
bottom of the ballot. if 5%-7% of awake voters
do this nationwide, then it will be enough to
give landslides across the ballot slate to the
democrats and effectively destroy the
republican party.

i realize that this strategy is completely against
your every instinct. that it will turn america
into a democratic party dictatorship.
but my fellow americans, are we not already under
a dictatorship?!?! what difference does it make
what brand banner that dictatorship is presented to
us under?


any political party depends on its grass roots
to survive and thrive. by voting straight
democratic for the lowest office to the highest
office, you will essentially cut off the legs
of the republican party.

once one leg of the two party system is taken out,
and EVERYONE wakes up to the fact that we are living
in a totalitarian one party state, then
it won't be long before everyone revolts against
the democratic party.

i would ask everyone reading this to sleep on
"the freemind manoeuvre". once you wrap your
mind around my strategy, and come to the same
conclusion i have that this is the only way
and that drastic times call for drastic measures,
then please please please spread "the freemind
manoeuvre" to everyone in your various social
networks. feel free to copy and paste my above
rationale. make it viral and you will change the

again, i make this open call out to all conservatives
who would normally vote republican: in order to
be a christian jedi knight of the shepherdschapel.com
one must be completely selfless. i ask you
to be willing to sacrifice your votes for the
greater good of destroying the two-party system
in the usa. at the voting booth, every fiber of
your being will be telling you that the freemind
manoeuvre is suicidal insanity.

but see my logic, see my bottom line:

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