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Subject Cataclysmic Destruction in/of Florida
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Cataclysmic Destruction in/of Florida

Al Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Retired)

366 Graves Mill Rd

Madison, VA 22727

29 June 2005 – Update 3 15 Sept 2005

TO: Friends and relatives in Florida

Others as appropriate

Subject: Cataclysmic Destruction in/of Florida

Dear relatives and friends in Florida,

I’m writing this, with little hope that you’ll heed or take any action on this admonition. However, maybe if I set the parameters into context properly, when you see them coming to pass, you will have time to escape.

Florida will be almost completely destroyed by two “super cell� hurricanes, which will form up, concurrently, from six separate storms. I do not know which year, however, Sept ‘05 is not out of the realm of possibility.

To wit, there will be a hurricane come from the Cape Verde Islands, combining as a “complex merger, with two already-formed storms somewhere S-SE of Florida. At the same time there will be a hurricane come across Central America into the Gulf; as recently happened, for the first time ever. This storm will combine with two smaller storms which will have formed in the Gulf; the three forming another “complex merger�.

These two “complex mergers�will then move to NE and SW positions off the Florida coasts; before converging and combining as a *“super-complex merger� [Editor’s term] over Florida. The resultant destruction will literally be apocalyptic in scope. I have known terrible destruction was coming for years; however, recently, in the past two years, there have been, as of 9-15-05, FIFTEEN separate individuals who have been given visions or dreams, by the Holy Spirit, regarding this destruction. The one brother, a personal friend, has never been

**wrong in the last 11 years. This storm will be beyond comparison. [*Two storms forming into one is a “compound merger�]

I’m sure that none of you will want to believe the above warning, however, when you see the Pacific storm materialize, then crossing Central America, as well as the Cape Verde Islands-born storm moving westward, you should have time to leave. If you wait no less than about 24 hours before they give the evacuation order you may be able to escape; say like at 1:00 AM. However, be advised, this weather cataclysm will, in the final stages, accelerate quickly, leaving little or no time for NWS evacuation warnings. The destruction will be without precedent over the entire state.

Warmest regards, in His glad Service,


Alex “Al� Cuppett

** He, in just one of many prophetic statements, last year, months in advance, warned me THREE storms would hit Virginia. Sure enough, I had to re-grade my driveway THREE times! The man is spectacular!

Final note: Right now, 1442 hours, 29 June 2005, while finishing this letter, I just received the Hebrew Bible Code confirmation of the events described above; phoned in to me from Texas!! Talk about timing!!

Atch: Hebrew Bible Code matrix (not in color) Hebrew year 5765 ends on 3 October 2005. Unless there is “delayed� or “friend delayed� insertion to the Code, by the Lord himself, later on, we are is terrible trouble!

Hot desert air masses from these areas roll off into the Atlantic; forming into the dangerous “Cape Verde Islands�

storms, which move West, causing the worst damage. The Atlantic is now 3 degrees above normal, a critical issue.

Possible weather control by HAARP systems.

Storms “Six into two; then into One�

Without a Code “delay/friend delayed� this will happen by 3 Oct 2005/29 Elul 5765

The N.W.O. Satanists use witchcraft in plotting. A “HAARP event� is feasible.

John Silverman and Will Schlosser,

Here is the info I promised.

FL is being soaked!! Daily almost. It is a big sand spit jutting out into three bodies of water…

The water table is close to the surface as a result of rains. THINK!! Same thing happened here in 1995. The heavy rains water logged the mountains. When “the big one� hit on 27 June 1995, “Whoosh, boom, BAD!!

The real estate in FL is now sitting on a liquefied sand base, and the water will get worse. Most structures except the big buildings, which have pilings to bedrock, are sitting on “slurpie-like� sand!! THINK!

When this big wind happens, with all the rain with, it is going to be terrible. Can you imagine a super cell with 200 MPH winds dropping 30 inches of rain in three hours what will happen down there!!

John stay outta there until after 1 November!! Watch the tropical weather chart. The key is the “two� storms, one from the East and one from West, at the same time. Converging towards Florida. That is the key to being “on the road� for Virginia!!

“29 October� for whatever reason, will one day be a bad day. Storm?? I don’t know.. Just bad!

There’s also gonna be “seaboard hurricane� that is bad too. Like catastrophic. Ha Shem is not happy with this land (and its SIN) and he’s gonna pull “His Hand of Protection� from this nation. Be in the mountains when it happens. “Abaddon� will send the Florida storm, not Ha Shem. That’s why the code has “Abaddon� as a parameter. “Abaddon�, I suspect, is HAARP Weather Control in practice.

Al Cuppett
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