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Subject Iowa GOP Vote Fraud & Electioneering January 2nd, 2012
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Original Message Iowa radio stream captured with Faux News Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie; affirming that the Iowa GOP is planning to manipulate the vote by whatever means necessary in order to prevent a first place win for Ron Paul on January 3rd, 2012. Paul likely to be forced into a 'margin of error' against Flip-Flop Mittens & Rick Fecal Matter for plausible deniability of Election Fraud.

From her is disclosure of the Iowa GOP's definitive *plans* to inhibit a first-place win by Congressman Paul, not just by shoulder-persuation at the county caucus locations, but via behind-the-scenes trickery. Such as their 'secret vote' count announced *just minutes* following Occupy's plan to disrupt the caucuses. Continuity of agenda, controlled opposition (Occupy) & using that as pretense.

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