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Subject US Military Representative Dream / Contact Via Astral
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Original Message Ugh. I had wanted to post this as an anon but all IPs were banned and they sent me an email saying I'd have to upgrade my anon account if I wanted to post...

$%@# whatever then. This is dated back from August 5 2011, only posting it because I believe that their side of the story is very important to consider, and at times they may be forced to make decisions and choices they don't like either. Take it or leave it I don't expect anyone to believe it.

A couple guys from what I believe was the US military (although I did not pick up on any accent so they could also have been Australian soldiers, however I don't tend to pick up on weak American accents either) seeked me out in AP and I was lucky enough to have picked up on some of the brief meeting in my sleep as I was in a deep dream at the time.

The current dream briefly cut off and I was in a white/ grey void space in AP, approached by two men in military uniforms who obviously held ranks of some kind, of which I'm not sure though, they didn't say and I don't know what patches or symbols they use to signify which or what ranks. I'm pretty sure there's another good reason why they didn't divulge those details along with their names. I was quite out of it at the time so I wasn't asking any questions I should have, everything just happened as it did.

I only remember them saying one thing before my connection cut off from AP and the dream continued, the rest of the information is interpreted from their expressions, emotions and general feeling of the meeting. They approached me with worried expressions and their tone just sounded a little desperate. They said:

"It was out of necessity that we told no one about the abductions, otherwise we would have been killed too."

[Not 100% exact, I can't remember it word for word.] I was really interested when I woke up and remembered this because I had been watching a lot of documentaries lately regarding the grey abductions, the rather obviously doctored black and white photos on Google Mars and Moon that weren't even lined up with the coloured terrain and the researchers in these documentaries kept commenting that "We were told the reason they won't disclose the reality of the UFOs is because it would scare the public, but we believe the public is mature enough to handle the information".

Essentially the researchers and even myself came to the conclusion that they were just ouright bullshitting and that excuse wasn't good enough. The officers however wanted to remind me of their side of the story though, in that they had a strict gag order due to a much more understandable reason. Even if they wanted to disclose, which is what these two men were implying, they couldn't as long as certain people with ties to these beings and advanced technology still remained in power, who would threaten them with either their own lives or the mass loss of lives of other innocent people. (Levelling whole cities, etc.)

It really seems like these guys have a large support network and there's an underground movement of people working within these industries who are working against the system itself subtly in order to get the truth out, they just have a lot of giant obstacles in their way still due to certain people above them having way too much influence still. But that's just really grasping at straws. That's information I pulled out of the general feeling of the ecounter, not what I remember them saying directly.

I know the meeting continued on beyond that first sentence, it's just that my dream snapped back after it and I detached from AP. I named them representatives because I felt like they were really making an effort to make it known that there were still "good" people in there and they didn't want to be tainted as part of this massive conspiracy to keep the world in the dark. I think they really did want to make their cause known, in that things are just so much more complicated than we think they are and this is basically why there's been no real disclosure yet.

I can't really think of why else they'd even bother talking to someone like me who is basically a civilian up there and down here other than to pass on that information. No more generalizing for me I suppose.

BS flag away.
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