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Subject The Identity of Jesus Christ
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Original Message Great article I found on www.pateo.nl

At the beginning of this article, I have a request for you, my dearest reader. Would you please search now on the internet for images based the keyword of “IHS”? You can do that for example by clicking here.

What does “IHS” mean? To start with, these are not our ‘normal’ characters, since they are Greek letters. When we transfer these Greek letters into our usual letters, then we get 'IES' or 'JES'. The pronunciation of this ancient word is 'Jes' or ‘yes’.

Did you search the internet on images of “IHS" (or Jes)? How many images you found in which the letters “IHS” are in the middle of the sun? Do you know why there are so many? There are so many ancient images of ‘IHS' in the middle of the sun, because it is an ancient name of the sun. It is strange that in our ‘civilization’, we use no real name to refer to the central star in our solar system. In ancient Greece, the sun was called Helios. That is why, in my books and articles, I use this name for the sun. The Latin word for sun is sol, that is why we use ‘solar’, and also ‘solo’, since there is only one central star in our solar system.

All civilizations before ancient Greece gave a name to the star around which our home planet orbits. The Sumerians called him Utu, and the Babylonians Shamash. The name of the sun Helios in Sanskrit is Surya. The ancient Egyptians even had several names to refer to the sun Helios. At sunrise he was called Horus (as in the word horizon, and also in hours, in which the ‘r’ and the ‘o’ are swopped), and at sunset his name was Seth. Right in the middle between Horus and Seth, when Helios is at its highest point in the heaven, the ancient Egyptians called him Ra.

The word “Jes” (or yes) refers to the positive sunlight that we (together with all other living creatures) receive, which nourishes life on our home planet. Looking up at the sun Helios, we make with our head the nodding movement meaning yes. Over the years, the pronunciation of the ancient name of Jes became stretched out into Jesus. Therefore, Jesus is also a name of the sun Helios. A full orbit of our home planet around Helios is therefore called a year, which refers to Yes (or Jes), the name of the central star of our solar system.

Jesus (or the sun Helios) is the ruling Lord within our solar system. In ancient days, the Lord was anointed. That is why the Lord is the Anointed One. Also the honorary titles of Messiah and Christ (coming form the ancient word of Christos) have the meaning of the Anointed One.

Helios (our Lord) is our Father who art in Heaven, as explained in this video. Helios also has a Father (which is our Grandfather, who is also in Heaven). The Maya call our Grandfather Hunab K’u. This is the Mayan God of Creation. Hunab K’u is the central star in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and he is indeed the creating source of everything in our galaxy. When we refer to Hunab K’u as God (The Creator), then Jesus (meaning the sun Helios) is the Son of God. This means that the sun is the son.

The radiation (including visible light) coming from the permanent plasma outbursts of the sun Helios corresponds to the energetic qualification of Fire. This is also the Fire we find in Spirit. In nearly all images we find of “IHS" on the internet, we clearly see the image of the radiating sun. This radiation has a healing effect on us. That is why Jesus is described as healer. Healing means that we become whole again (meaning in balance). This healing ability is therefore Wholly or Holy. In conclusion, the sun Helios is the Father (who art in Heaven), the Sun (of God the Creator) and the Holy Spirit (radiating from his surface). The Holy Trinity known as the Father, the Sun, and the Holy Spirit is therefore a triple reference to the sun Helios.

To learn more about this, please read the free online e-book called ‘Wholly Science – Understanding the Process of Creation’ (ISBN 978-94-90765-10-1, 116 pages: link). This book describes that Jesus indeed is born on December 25, and also that he has been dead for three days after being crucified. This, however, is a scientific description of a yearly event! Next Wednesday, Jesus will be crucified again. And next Sunday, Jesus will be born again, after his death during December 22, 23 and 24. That is the true original meaning of the rebirth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That is why we call this celebration Christ-mas.

This book also shows that the first chapter of the Book of Genesis is a scientific description of the process of Creation. Please pass this information on to all our beloved believers, since they also have the right to know the true identity of Jesus Christ, our Good Lord.

Zeist, The Netherlands
Sunday (the Day of our Lord, the Sun called Helios), December 18, 2011

Johan Oldenkamp


P.S. The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when open.

More about the meaning of christmas and easter at the link

click on news and then 18/12/2011

Very impressive I must say.
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