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Subject What would the arrogant and greedy govt of the USA do to an alien interstellar craft and its crew given the chance
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Original Message There is one aspect I do fear about having a Close encounter with interstellar/interdimensional aliens who could teach us something and this gov with its level of pride and arrogance and desire to weaponize everything so they can control. Remember Roswell ? did the US kill injured aliens?? and develop the craft rumored to be the TR3B from it ??

Some events are not Hollywood murmurs - there are incidents of documented happenings, like stuff being removed and stories/lies being told surrounding Roswell and bases in the UK and others

Hollywood murmurs fiction retold in possible scenatios in movies like "Starman" "CE3K", "ET" are not interplanetary sci-fi but could based on the Roswell incident, keeping alien visitors from meeting with this country and showing us a better way.

It is scary when I hear reports of mil atrocities and subsequent lies.

No wonder that the number of ufo reports in EU and SA and everywhere but here keep on increasing.

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