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Subject Attempted rationalization in support of Astrotheology/Astrology
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Original Message By Mr. Reasonable

Disclaimer: This is not proselytization, this is not my personal belief system, it's simply my humble attempt to understand or at least partially rationalize Astrology and the deification of systems existing in space. It's a layman's view of a complex belief system, which I'll try not to completely butcher with my relative ignorance on the subject. This post is qualitatively similar to "thinking out loud" so please try not to take it too personally if it conflicts with your worldview


It's generally accepted that matter is basically complex groupings of atoms, which are groupings of smaller particles (electrons, etc, which could possibly be complex groupings of some other "smaller" types of particles, this could potentially repeat ad nauseum in a sort of infinitely repeating fractal pattern), which are more or less bits of charged energy spinning around very quickly. The magnetic fields generated by these particles repel others, keeping the particles from ever truly "touching" despite their interaction

It's also accepted that the majority of the space that atoms take up is a sort of empty "void" or medium through which the particles are traveling. If you were physically "zoomed in" to the size of the nucleus of an atom, the particles "orbiting" it would seem to be many miles away. The subtle interaction of objects at great "distances" has been well documented

Complex organs such as the human brain are nothing more than uninmaginably intricate groupings of atomic particles. The brain is considered unique in comparison to other systems in nature however, because it produces what we call "intelligence". It has been argued that what we call intelligence, perspective, experience, and emotion, etc are simply the results of the perfectly balanced interaction of otherwise "lifeless" systems (which, at an atom-sized resolution, seem to be incredibly far apart form each other)

If intelligence is a precise pattern of interaction between "lifeless" systems, logically these systems could exist on a much larger scale than the human brain. Though we aren't yet able to observe much recognizable, quantifiable interaction (other than the usual gravitational disturbances) between far away objects like galaxies, stars, extrasolar planets, etc, they could potentially act as "atoms" in a much larger set of systems. That said, unimaginably large systems of stars, galaxies, etc, could potentially form the same patterns which cause "intelligence" in the brain, effectively creating a sort of galactic-scale "super-brain" in which (from a human perspective) we are too "small" to recognize the organ as such

If such huge systems of intelligence were self-aware, and able to articulate some form of communication they could potentially pass for "Gods" or at the very least "demigods"

"Birth Charts and the Zodiac"

Everything radiates to a degree and has a magnetic field, which can affect other objects around it. The frequencies and properties of radiation can interact with each other to create various effects (most popularly demonstrated by opera singers shattering glass by singing a note which resonates with the frequency of the particles in the glass) the total nature and extent of these effects have not yet been determined. Certain combinations and interactions of magnetic fields can affect humans biologically; some frequencies of electromagnetic radiation can affect your moods and emotions, yet some seem to have no effect; some frequencies can give you cancer, whereas some can be used to break up tumors and cure you. In this same way, a planet or star could have a similar effect, if even a minor one.

Huge magnetic fields are generated by stars, planets, galaxies, etc. These fields are not only isolated bubbles, but wide swaths of radiation which can travel great distances. It's not unreasonable to hypothesize that being conceived, developed, and born at a certain time, and being physically aligned in relation to the electromagnetic fields of planets and stars, could have a significant enough biological effect on humans as to affect in some way the initial development of the brain and therefore the development of the individual's personality, traits, tendencies, etc

This is the dumbed-down, abridged version, to avoid the construction of an insurmountable wall of text
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