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Subject Nibiru, Marduk, Wormwood, Red Kachina, Long-Tail Heavenly Climbing Star - REAL - Cornell Univ.
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Original Message Nibiru is real, history proves it.

Traditions connected with the pole shift model of the Pleistocene

Cornell University Library:
[link to arxiv.org]

27 page pdf here:
[link to arxiv.org]

"The required rapid geographic pole shift at the end of the ice ages has been shown to be physically possible, on condition that an astronomical object of planetary size in an extremely eccentric orbit existed. In this postulated situation it was red hot and a disk shaped gas cloud reduced the solar radiation on Earth in a time dependent way. A frequent objection to this hypothesis is that the phenomena should be reported in old traditions. This paper quotes such traditions from passages of Platon, Herodotus, Ovid, papyrus Ipuwer, Gilgamesh, the Bible, American Indians and other civilizations. Far from being exhaustive the examples show that apparently strange traditions can report observed facts. This connection is of mutual benefit for science and humanities."

This paper covers the history of Nibiru passings. How Nibiru uproots the oceans, causing Noah's flood. How the seven horns of Wormwood (Revelations) are the seven planets surrounding Nibiru, and how the egyptians said ". . .Thus in the period of eleven thousand three hundred and forty years . . . they said that the sun had moved four times from his accustomed place of rising,
and where he now sets he had thence twice had his rising, and in the place from whence he now rises he had twice had his setting"

When will Nibiru return?
The paper assumes Z broke up then disolved. Throwing that out, when should the next near pass occur?

Ezekiel [6],1:1-18)
"1.1 Now it came about in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth
month, while I was by the river Chebar among the exiles, the heavens
were opened and I saw visions of God.
1.2 On the fifth of the month in the fifth year of King Jehoiachinís exile,"

This quote describes the date Nibiru passed Earth as 594 BC.

(Herodotus [5], Vol. 1,Book 2, 142)
"These events occur rarely, in this report once in 2,800 years."
Herodotus puts the orbit for great cataclysm's at 2,800 years.

594 BC + 2,800 years = 2206 AD should be the next MAJOR pole shift. Woot, we are all safe! No more Nibiru worries, move along people, nothing to see here.

This is the history of our planet, the cycle of cleansing and rebirth, and is well documented in this paper. If you are a "Nibiru-tard" this is the ONLY paper you need to quote.

Enjoy the amazing read on our history.

ps. Current research claims that the Sphinx at the Giza site is a astronomical clock. The nose of the Sphinx points at Regulus (if I recall correctly) and as time passes, the nose of the Sphinx will return to Regulus signifying the return of Nibiru.

The paper seeks to piece together a plausible cause for past pole-shifts. The paper quotes "historical documentation" that coincides with pole-shift "lore." Before "computers" people told stories to each other to "remember the past" then one day they wrote that shit down. This paper documents the oral and written histories associated with worldwide fires/floods and pole shifts.

Read the paper, then comment, or bury your head in the fuckin sand and ignore the possibility your high school history classes fucked your world view all up.

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[link to r3zn8d.wordpress.com]
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