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Subject Channeling: Love, by Mary the Magdelen
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Original Message No human has a complete understanding of love. But this period of earth time is set aside for humans to discover the real nature of love. You tend to think love is to be involved with another and to feel nice feelings. In truth, that is the smallest part of the complete picture. Love alone is the complete picture. Love is all. Love is everything. Love is dark as well as light. Many perceive the side of love that you might term "dark" to be sin. But the only sin is to be separate from all that is, or God/Goddess. Love is to be connected to all that is.

Each person is part of all that exists. If you perceive something to be either dark or light, you are wrong. All that exists . . . just is, and is neither light nor dark, right nor wrong, good nor evil. It just is! In your lifetimes, this paradox is played out as either creative experiences or non creative experiences. Both are equal and both are necessary to experience the totality of being. At any given time you do not know your balance, and you cannot know it until you have played out both sides of the paradox.

To play out both sides of the paradox is to experience lifetimes, or experiences within your lifetimes that which seems to be both negative and positive. Yes, negative experiences have their purposes. Each life experience that you have had within the last 26,000 years on the planet has a purpose and is part of your whole being. They were necessary for you to be who you are and where you are in your current life experience.

Now the last 26,000 year cycle is completed, and all of your magnificent preparations were just for NOW! Your life experiences as a murderer, king, queen, artist, painter, leper, rapist, warrior, or whoever you were, are all in you. Each of you is now, in this lifetime, everything that you have ever been. And, everything that you have every been is necessary for this now. You have been prepared for this Now by experiencing all, from the highest to the lowest and everything in-between. Each experience was important. Each was for now, and it was an act of love. They were lives of love just so your soul could experience all that is possible and reach the full potential of your first, second and third dimensional life experiences.

The third dimensional life experiences are now complete. The third dimension is over. It no longer exists. The fourth dimension is now firmly grounded on your planet. Indeed, even the potential of the fifth dimension also exists on your planet, but it is not grounded because it is not a dimension of earth. It is a dimension of spirit or air. The fourth dimension however, is a dimension of earth, and is firmly grounded on your planet at this time.

All dimensions relate to your chakra system. The third dimension was a time of your third chakra. The third dimension was a time in which you experienced all and programmed those experiences in your DNA. Your third-dimensional DNA contains everything that you have ever been up to this point. This is where all your wisdom lies accumulated. This is also where your misconceptions are stored. Everything that you could possibly imagine still dwells in the third chakra. You have now moved into the fourth dimension. A dimension is nothing more than a range of frequencies in which life is experienced according to your perception within that range of frequencies. Many still perceive themselves to be in the third dimension, but it is no more. That which remains is simply an illusion.

We love you in all of your third dimensional ups and downs. Indeed, we loved you as much when you were a rapist as we loved you when you were an artist. We loved you as much when you were a warrior. We loved you as much when you were inquisitors during the Inquisition. We loved you always because we knew why you chose to have each life experience. And you did indeed choose them. You chose them carefully to prepare for the full realization of your soul for this time.

Your Soul has completed all its potential through the third dimensional level. Now you are firmly grounded in the fourth dimension. It is very difficult for many of you. You created your bodies to accommodate the energies of the third dimension. Now your bodies must adjust on a cellular level in order to accommodate the energies of the fourth dimension . . . and even the fifth dimension.

If you find it difficult to make the shift and canīt seem to change, itīs because you still have third dimensional issues to clear. In recent days, you all have experienced much clearing of your third dimensional issues whether you are aware it or not. We have watched your tears flow, your confusions, your sorrows, your sadness, and your anger. We support you and applaud you, because we know it is painful for you when you donīt understand what is taking place. But these feelings are a necessary clearing so real healing can take place. It is exactly what allows you to experience who you truly are, and be in the condition of love.

Love is a condition, a state of being Itīs not what you Think . . . itīs who you Are. Love is where you allow yourself to come into the full knowledge of who you really are. To know your light and your dark and to release all that you experience as your light and all that you experience as your dark and allow them to blend and integrate into the sum of your being. Each of you is a being of perfect love. In your Whole self, it is so. This is the truth.

Now you are in the time of the heart, your fourth chakra. The fifth chakra is the time of communication, the throat. The first order of communication is with self. Itīs nonverbal and deals with integrity. "To thine own self be true." No more self delusion. No more hiding. No more lying to self. Learn to be in impeccable integrity with yourself. This is how to discover that you are beings in the condition of love.

Oh you say, "I love unconditionally." But those are mere words and do not reflect the true meaning of love. However, that still remains your goal. To love unconditionally is to acknowledge yourself as a perfect being. No more, no less. No matter what some of your so-called evil thoughts are. No matter if you choose to swear. No matter if you covet something that your neighbor owns. No matter . . . whatever.

Again we say to you there is no such thing as right or wrong. There just is. And you experience everything that you think to be right or wrong in order to discover that thereīs no such thing as right or wrong. There just is. All experience is for achieving balance. As you have experienced the consequences and pain of your noncreative choices, behaviors and actions, you are able to strike your balance. Otherwise, you do not KNOW balance.

Again we say to you that the third dimension is over, and you are firmly grounded in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimensional life experience will be uncomfortable for some, enjoyed by others, and at certain times both uncomfortable and enjoyed all at once. Youīll have your upsets. Youīll see your sleep patterns shift and your eating habits change. Youīll let go of this . . . and youīll acquire that, etc., etc. You must change! Expect and look forward to change. You must change at a cellular level in order to accommodate the energies of the fourth dimension and even the fifth dimension.

So what will these changes be like? You may begin to experience the ability to hear what another is thinking. You call it telepathy. We say to you it is even more than telepathy. It is the ability to move into the energy field of another and transmit and receive the totality of the concept. Watch for this. Pay attention. You will discover this is so for each of you. Do not take it for granted. Congratulate yourselves. Love yourselves a little more as these things begin to express in each of you.

It is of urgent importance that you have this understanding. Love is a condition of being. When you are in the condition of being . . . all is included. All that you are is included. ALL! There is no part of any one of you that is not of perfect love. How could it be otherwise if you were created from God/Goddess?

If God be for you who could be against you? So then why should you be against yourselves? So it is. Donīt spend even a nanosecond in judgment of self, or anyone, or anything. Move through your discomforts and you will discover that the discomforts dissolve as the energy of the discomforts shift. So it is! Each of you is a being of perfect love. Let it be so in your awareness.

You have been told the greatest commandment is to Love. IT IS!

Mary the Magdelen.

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Mike Quinsey 10.30.05.

I could not get my own comments entered at the beginning of this message, but I think it is one of the most clear and detailed ones I have read that explains the meaning of Unconditional Love.

At this particular time we need to be aware of what it means and how to use it.

You can read more of these messages on [link to www.irsha.com]
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