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Subject Did anyone of you ever really knew a freemason personally? I did...
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Original Message A friend of mine, who passed away last year, was an actual freemason. He had been an active member of his lodge for over thirty years.

We often spoke long and late hours about lots of stuff and obviously, being somewhat of a GLPer, I asked him about the freemasons secrets and plans for world domination.

When I did, he would always laugh at the idea. And mind you, this was not an evil (muhahaah) laugh, but just a little giggle in amazement of such silly thoughts.

He wasn't some satanic, narcissistic, evil mastermind either. He was just some poor old schmuck, struggling through life. Trying to do the right thing, but often ending up doing the wrong things. Just like the rest of us...

I truly believe that if there was a big plan being kept secret by the freemasons, he would know about it, after thirty years of being a freemason himself. Also, being an intuitive person, I would just have known if he was keeping some sort of huge secret from me. Which he surely wasn't.

The only thing which is being kept a secret is their initiation ritual, for people who first join the lodge. But that's only because it is really private and personal and up front knowledge of this ritual would inluence the pureness of the initiators reaction to this specific ritual, thereby rendering it useless.

All they ever do during their meetings, was dressing up in their costumes, eating and drinking together, following their rules and rituals and after that tell each other lots of stories. Nothing secret about that.

It's almost like a roleplaying game (LARP) to them. They really like their rituals though. On his funeral, he was dressed up in his suit, lying in a black and white checkered coffin, with all sorts of symbols and images on it. But with normal mourning and sad family and friends surrounding him. No scary and evil rituals there either.

Anyway, I do believe this world is being mislead by a dark energy, using secret goverments, the church and perhaps even et's, but I don't think freemasonry has anything to do with it. I think "they" just gave us freemasonry, to keep our focus occupied, while the real rituals stay out of sight.

What are your thought on this?
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