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Subject is government pumping all this aluminum into the air with the chemtrails?????????
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Original Message I don't remember seen chemtrails until about 2002 or 2003, I have always been looking at air plain trails and in my teens, I would start to seem them last longer and ofcourse whenever I would ask a adult or a teacher they would say its normal or just look at u like ur crazy.I know we have so much manmade poision in the air already from 50-60 years ago. I don't really understand y they would do it except for water,food,soil and then we have no choice but to eat their gen mod foods and drink wat ever poision juice they tell us to. Somebody needs to find out where they are taking off or landing. america spent so much money on there fake war and so much money on black operations in the taxpayers pockets, wonder why there is a recession but that is the way they want us, poor ,hungry, thirsty, sick and mad. I can't even imagine how all this aluminum is in r bodys and brains, we already run on electrical signals, how can this aluminum mixed with thier advace tech control/read r minds and bodys?
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