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Original Message I am posting this thread because i believe the TSHTF in the near future. I want to say that ever since 2006 I have been aware and studied what is getting ready to happen. In other words, we are going through a massive extinction that is both cosmic and man-made in nature.

I have tried to awaken people to what is getting ready to occur and all that has happened is that I have succeeded in alienating all but one friend and most others think I am nuts. Last week I had an occurrence that rocked me and through this I have realized that most are going to perish because they refure to see what is happening. That this existence we call reality is not natural. All of nature exists via DARWIN's SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and this part of Darwin's Theory I believe to be true under normal conditions. Unfortunately, we humans are no different. We have only been taught this unnatural condition because it benefited TPTB. We have been taught that religious conformity, conformity in general and competition and hierarchical control are good. They may very well not apply now and may never have. They are artificial constructs. I believe this is why TPTB are running everything. It is because they are the smartest, most intelligent, ruthless, totally aware agents on the planet, they know us better than we know ourselves and know the ancient mysteries that have been hidden. They have been through this cycle before and will come out on top again unless we humans get prepared. Unless we humans become awake and aware real quick.

I am not advocating being as ruthless as they are. The point I am making is if you are not in DARWINIAN MODE you have less of a chance of making it and that means SMART, CUNNING, STRONG, FIT and MOTIVATED, etc. Take it to what extreme you feel you must as only the strong and smart will survive, may be. Again, I am not advocating ruthlessness I am saying try not to go down with this sinking ship.

I believe there have been people here that have been trying to get this info. out. However, they have left. This makes me believe TSHTF soon.

So what do others think about my above statement.
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