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Subject Isnt There Enough Iodine N Seawater 2 Neutralize Radiation From Japan???
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Original Message Why worry about the so-called japan meltdown since there's a big ocean filled with iodine to neutralize the radiation...keep trying world psyops,your lies are not loud enough and long enough to be believed,lol...people forget about Godzilla and the miniature sets,dont they,and staged larger sets...the worlds masonic/military/mafia leaders and media is playing everyone and manipulating the news for doom reactions,lol...the stories of ocean radiation and bird flu's are meant to keep you away from iodine rich seafood/seafish and keep you eating cattle,pork and unnatural products so your pineal gland and body stays stored up with unnatural additives,heavy metals and Sulfur based microscopic parasites that dont die when the meats are cooked...please read the iodine/potassium iodide threads to detox and wake up...we have a -potassium iodide SSKI- thread that tells of the elites manipulation of keeping your pineal gland shut down even back to the days of Egypt with electrical mind-control by 40 hertz frequency generators disguised as the kings pyramid and their all you can eat diet to keep the sulfur based microscopic parasites in the slaves brains and body's...these parasites release mind numbing chemicals when you eat what they live in...
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