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Subject The Matrix Hive Mind Manipulators
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Original Message It has come to the attention of a few astute researchers in the UFO community that there are subtle methods of surveillance, involving a manipulation of the Hive Mind Matrix consciousness. The HIVE Mind represents a type of collective consciousness, especially the mass consciousness of
humans (or non-humans) who is more susceptible to the Alien HIVE MIND control/manipulation. To make my point more clear Iīll give an example of what has been observed consistently by some close associates in the UFO community.

A researcher makes plans to write an article or publish a book, or do some whistle blowing regarding alien abductions, mind control related dynamics of manipulation. These manipulations have been observed in certain abductees, experiencers or contactees, as if in response to a plan or even a mental thought of a "whistle blowing" or truth telling researcher. Oftentimes the plans of the researcher revolves around exposure of the various deceptions, disinformation and methods of manipulation of "abductees". The researcher may keep the plan to him/herself or may communicate the plans to a close friend on the Internet via personal e-mail, phone or a physical meeting and talking with the friend.

Within days to a week the researcher and/or his close friend will receive another email from another person, or some kind of communication from even an anonymous source as if in response to the "plan"-- usually in efforts to counteract or thwart the "plans" of the researcher. Sometimes this happens in a synchronistic manner, where the Hive mind recipients respond to the researchers "thought waves or plans" in an unconscious manner.

Other times, the responses are consistently communicated from a specific person in the UFO community cyberspace. It has been observed that in at least two of these persons, they were directly or indirectly connected to the intelligence community. The "coincidental" communications usually take place via email, suggesting these persons are either directly monitoring the researcher, or that their mind is responsive to the overall Hive Mind Will of the aliens(?) plans to maintain secrecy, creating confusion. For the sake of simplicity, I am calling them aliens, but in reality, the Matrix manipulators can be military, humans in the occult black arts, or even hosted human beings who are connected to the reptilians in some way.

In most cases, the coincidental (or out right telepathic) responses were done on an unconscious level, usually by abductees who maintain the "neutral or positivist" stance of aliens and especially reptilians. It has been observed that the ones who respond in such a detracting manner, are connected to the Hive mind and more easily used or manipulated to carry out the "apparent"
alien agenda. Sometimes the "muppet" may not be a positive ET Propagandist, yet due to other factors,( huge egos, u addictions, poor spiritual foundation, etc) they are easily manipulated, for other reasons which I will mention further.

These people do not necessarily have to be abductees or knowing disinformants, but can also be people who have many mental and emotional weaknesses that make them easy targets for manipulation by the MATRIX manipulators. They just happen to be at the right place at the right time for the intended target. Example, an editor of a researcher who was about to publish a book (exposing alien activity) starts developing antagonistic, accusatory and insulting behavior, for no apparent reason. Then the editor starts experiencing odd bumps in the night after associating with the researcher. They get buzzed by black helicopters while working on the book. Then after a series of weeks, the whole manuscript of the researcher is changed and slanted in such a way as to degrade the quality of the researcher’s work.

Another example. A woman starts retrieving memories of abduction related incidents in her life that could be traced back to trauma based mind control, disguised as alien abductions. She keeps the memories to herself and does not discuss them with her immediate family members or her spouse. She does discuss them with a close friend via phone and e-mail communications. Within days to a week, her spouse and child start exhibiting bizarre behavior, such as starting marital fights, as if mind controlled. The child starts having nightmares of monsters, like reptilians or red eyed animals visiting her at night. She starts developing extreme anxiety around bedtime and school, so much so that she develops a urinary frequency problem. She shows signs of trauma or even sexual abuse, but from no apparent source. The abductee is forced to stop opening up memories for fear of a divorce and loss of custody of her child. When she brings up the issues of what is truly happening via abductions or strange mind control manipulations, she is accused of being crazy and the husband threatens to take custody of the child and file for divorce, regardless of the childīs obvious distress and "anomalous trauma.

Another subtle thing that has been observed was, that the more she brought out information about trauma based mind control at a local UFO conference, the more strange things got. When at the conference, several contactee "Muppets" walked out of the room as one of the researchers was presenting. On another occasion, when an abductee started bringing up the subject of trauma based mind control, the whole power grid of the section of town they were at, just shut off. The hotel they were staying at blacked out in a "synchronistic manner". It was as if the Hive mind was activated to turn off the "lights" when exposure of this kind of material was brought out into the open. Again, these things occurred in a highly coincidental manner, so as to offset exposure of the dynamics of how this HIVE mind and Matrix manipulation works.

Now, a close associate also has observed, that the self-same persons who were somehow connected to the intelligence community and alien abductions, responded to the personīs thoughts. This has also occurred on several occasions where the person made mental plans and did not share them with anyone. Then the Hive mind recipient responded to the mental plans. The response was either to "show" that the plans/thoughts of the researcher are known and somehow monitored, or it was done in such a way as to subvert the researchersī plans. Again, sometimes this subversive communication was done on an unconscious level. But it does indicate that there is a larger intelligence that is very aware of what is going on and is proactive to even the thoughts of an individual.

This Matrix manipulation may also be a causative factor in "Love Bite" relationships, whereby abductees or those who have been in trauma based mind control or ritual abuse families. These relationships have been defined as those relationships, usually male/female love relationships that appear to be "set up" for the targeted love partners by a supernatural source.( Or perhaps high technology intelligence operations and implants) Some abductees claim that aliens had pre-bonded them and set up situations for them to meet a pre-arranged "targeted partner". The relationship may then instigate problems for the love bitee, that prevent them from carrying out positive healing and growth from abduction and/or trauma related issues. It happens a lot to people who have discovered too much about the UFO phenomenon (researchers) or mind control victims who start having memories of their abuse. The Love Bite set up appears to be designed to steer the victim off course from positive growth and exposure of the "darker" side of the UFO phenomena and mind control operations under its alien/ET masquerade.

Other types of love bite relationships are discussed in the Love Bite book. Critics of the Love bite hypothesis have commented that there are some "good love bite set ups" carried out by aliens. I have seen this also, but I have also seen that some of the good love bite set ups had been orchestrated as a positive "perk" by the controlling aliens, so that the couple carry out some
aspect of the alien propaganda or agenda. In other cases, the set up appeared to be a divine set up based on soul mate and/or karmic connections and did not fit the classic love bite scenario, although the abductee/contactee in question believes that they were set up to meet their partner. There may be many reasons for a relationship to be orchestrated, but my definition of a classic love bite is one that is not empowering for the true healing and growth of either individual.

Note* Synchronistic events and psychic/telepathic connections exist between some people with a greater frequency. These events are very common for abductees and do not necessarily fall into the category of negative alien manipulation, although the question arises as to whether these peoples lives are deliberately "led" by their alien "handlers".

The increase in telepathic connections between people within the UFO research community has also been reported within a neutral or positive vein, and here the question arises as to "why ". Is this a genetic quality of abductees, i.e. psychic ability? Is there a bloodline of individuals who have some kind of supernatural abilities-monitored and clandestinely bred by the aliens? Or has the minds of most people involved in UFO research somehow been linked to a larger MATRIX mind that is intelligent, responsive and manipulative?
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